MSI Readies 'Beyond 6 GHz' Option for Upcoming Core i9-14900K

Core i9-13900K QS tested
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MSI appears to be introducing a new boost clock option for Intel's Raptor Lake processors that will push maximum frequency of high-performance Raptor Cove core beyond 6 GHz, as discovered by @g01d3nm4ng0. Apparently, the company is getting ready for Intel's 14th Generation Core 'Raptor Lake Refresh' CPUs.

Intel's upcoming range-topping Core i9-14900K processor is expected to feature eight high-performance cores running at up to 6 GHz, which is in like with the maximum frequency of the company's special edition Core i9-13900KS CPU. Apparently, MSI believes that Intel's new top-of-the-line processors can work even faster, which is why it is introducing its 'P-Core Beyond 6GHz+' option for its Z790 Ace Max motherboard.

The platform allows to set maximum P-core clock speeds all the way up to 6.3 GHz for single-core boost and up to 5.8 GHz for all-core boost. The option will make CPU run faster and deliver higher performance than Intel set by default, which will make the new CPUs more appealing than existing best CPUs for gaming

MSI's Z790 Ace Max is the company's flagship motherboard for Intel processors and typically such mainboards are designed with overclocking in mind. That said, it is not surprising that it offers to overclock Intel's Raptor Lake CPUs to beyond 6.0 GHz. A question, however, is whether all Core i9-14900K processors will be able to work at 6.30 GHz/5.80 GHz, but we suspect that with proper cooling chances of these CPUs to work at slightly higher clocks are fairly high.

Intel is expected to introduce its 14th Generation Core 'Raptor Lake Refresh' processors on October 17, 2023.

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    All the 5% performance improvement in clock speed for the low low price of $2000.
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    Only 1.7 jiggawatt of power needed, lol.
    Someone will accidentally end up in 1985 if the power draw gets too high....
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    MSI's Z790 Ace Max motherboard can overclock Raptor Lake processors to 6.30 GHz/5.80 GHz.

    MSI Readies 'Beyond 6 GHz' Option for Upcoming Core i9-14900K : Read more
    Thank you for calling it what it is, the Core i9 14900k. Don't let them change the name of an apple with marketing retardation. Core ultra magnus supreme.... Ain't nobody got time for that noise! Cheers 🍻