MSI To Debut Vortex G25VR Desktop At Computex

MSI offers a variety gaming-oriented products, ranging from graphics cards to motherboards, but for this year’s Computex, it appears that the company is putting its systems at the forefront. MSI announced three of the many products it plans to showcase this year, including the GT83VR Titan SLI Gaming Laptop, the VR One Backpack, and the new Vortex G25VR Gaming Desktop.

We’re no strangers to the GT83VR Titan SLI or the VR One backpack. In fact, we saw the former during CES earlier this year, and a prototype of the latter was shown during last year’s Computex. Both of these have come to market since, so we’ve included some spec sheets to jog your memory.

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Header Cell - Column 0 VR One 7RE-065USVR One 7RD-067US
ProcessorIntel Core i7-7820HKIntel Core i7-7820HK
Memory16GB DDR4 16GB DDR4
GraphicsNvidia GeForce GTX 1070Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060
Storage512GB NVMe SSD256GB NVMe SSD

What’s different is MSI’s Vortex G25VR gaming desktop, a new addition to the Vortex line. The company hasn’t revealed much information about the G25VR, and we’ll have to wait until the show to see it firsthand. In the meantime, MSI has revealed that the latest Vortex takes up about 2.5 liters of volume and is small enough to be easily carried and placed unobtrusively. The cooling solution will consist of two fans and eight heat pipes, and audio is handled via Nahimic 2+. GPU specs haven’t been shared, but MSI touts the G25VR as a VR-ready machine, so we can expect it to have at least a GTX 1060, with accompanying I/O ports.

You can check out the MSI GT83VR Titan SLI, VR One, and Vortex G25VR during Computex 2017 at booth L0617.

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Header Cell - Column 0 GT83VR Titan SLI-212GT83VR Titan SLI-252GT83VR Titan SLI-213GT83VR Titan SLI-253
Display18.4” FHD (1920x1080) WideView, IPS Non-Reflectiive18.4” FHD (1920x1080) WideView, IPS Non-Reflectiive18.4” FHD (1920x1080) WideView, IPS Non-Reflectiive18.4” FHD (1920x1080) WideView, IPS Non-Reflectiive
ProcessorIntel Core i7-7920HQIntel Core i7-7920HQIntel Core i7-7920HQIntel Core i7-7920HQ
Memory64GB DDR4 16GB DDR4 64GB DDR4 16GB DDR4
GraphicsNvidia GeForce GTX 1080 SLINvidia GeForce GTX 1080 SLINvidia GeForce GTX 1070 SLINvidia GeForce GTX 1070 SLI
  • derekullo
    It better not suck.

    ...I'll see myself out.
  • markbrownn
    Seems to be nice in terms of both, specs and price. But need a trial before actual purchase.
  • WesleyDladla
    hi can anyone advise, where can i get a new motherboard for MSI laptop gt780r
  • ralphfaith
    Nice move by the firm, hope that they will provide excellent and reliable quality product.
  • jaber2
    Everyone is scrambling to come up with some type of self contained ?R system
  • JoeMomma
    Is it just my browser? I see no desktop as mentioned in the headline. I'm a product designer and a chart of specs doesn't matter much to me (I'm never going to own it).
    I want to see what it looks like.
  • Destitut
    what in the hell is a 1080p screen doing in a laptop with TWO gtx 1080's??? MSi you been drinking the liquid cooling again I see.