MSI Readies X399 Gaming Pro Carbon AC Threadripper Motherboard

MSI joined the growing list of companies that have announced the addition of Threadripper motherboards to their product lines.

Aside from its Threadripper compatibility, the MSI X399 Gaming Pro Carbon AC features eight DIMM slots with support for up to 128GB of 3,200MHz (3,600MHz OC) quad-channel DDR4 memory and four “Steel Armor” PCI-E slots that enable four-way SLI or CrossFire configurations.

The X399 Gaming Pro Carbon AC is also equipped with three Turbo M.2 slots with built-in heat shields. Other features include Intel wireless networking, Bluetooth 4.2, MSI's OC Engine 2 external clock generator, and Clear CMOS and Flashback+ buttons on the rear I/O panel.

MSI also outfitted this board with Mystic Light RGB support to let you customize the look of your system with 16.8 million colors and 17 lighting effects controlled via the Mystic Light Sync app. The MSI X399 Gaming Pro Carbon AC will be available on August 10 with a $380 MSRP.

If you want to truly appreciate the size and scale of AMD's massive new 4,094-pin TR4 socket, we recommend reading our exclusive look at AMD's Threadripper socket TR4 schematics, or checking out MSI's video outlining the Threadripper processors' installation procedure.


MSI X399 Gaming Pro Carbon AC




8  x DDR4 up to 3600+ (OC)


4 x SLI, CrossFire

PCI-E Slots

4 x16

1 x2






10/100/1000 / Intel Dual Band Wireless / Bluetooth 4.2


7.1-Channel High Definition Audio



1 x Gen2 (Type-C)

4 x Gen1 (Type-A)


1 x Gen2 (Type-C)

1 x Gen2 (Type-A)

8 x Gen1 (Type-A)



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  • elbert
    Great ATX but bit high price. Wonder when we get to see the mere mortal affordable versions. A good $200 version is what im looking for.
  • Hetzbh
    I don't get it. According to Alienware's video (I don't have a link here) - Threadripper supports up to 1TB ECC. Where is the support for that in the motherboard?
  • Raymond_92

    Threadripper is basically EPYC, EPYC will support up to 1TB ECC, Threadripper supports ECC but likely will not support RDIMM (Registered memory which allows for the higher capacity DIMMs)

    From the AMD Subreddit:
    "Update: So we're getting contradictory information from different sources. An AMD product rep says that RDIMM/LRDIMM support is reserved for EPYC, but the Alienware rep says it takes up to 1 TB of RAM. I'm not sure how a 1 TB configuration is possible without some sort of registered or load-reduced memory, but at least we do know that ECC is supported. The AMD rep says that up to 256 GB is supported, which is still firmly workstation tier."

    Regardless you'd need 8 x 128GB RDIMM ECC (Keep in mind such modules would be extraordinarily expensive) memory modules to get 1024GB of RAM, I don't even know where you'd get such a module.

    Seems a delineation between Epyc & Threadripper is memory capacity, but did you REALLY need (or intend to buy) 1TB of memory?