MSI Reveals X570 Motherboards Ahead of Computex, Godlike X570 leaked (Update)

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Update 5/23 - VideoCardz has leaked the existence of an MSI Godlike motherboard with an X570 chipset, which MSI will likely reveal at Computex. Van Beurden's and Arts's comments about a "higher end motherboard" were likely in reference to this Godlike motherboard, the brand of which was previously restricted to Intel's Z390 and Z370 chipsets. Ryzen's first time entry into the Godlike brand bodes very well for the 3000 series's performance, especially for gaming, where AMD is somewhat behind Intel. The X570 Godlike may mean AMD has closed the gap in some way.

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Today, MSI teased two upcoming motherboards on a pre-Computex livestream hosted by two of its representatives, Eric Van Beurden and Pieter Arts. One was a Gaming Plus-branded motherboard with an unspecified chipset. Thanks to VideoCardz we know for a fact that it is an X570 board that is expected to launch alongside Ryzen 3000. MSI also showed the MEG X570 ACE motherboard, again with an unspecified chipset -- but it's almost certainly an X570 board.

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VideoCardz already leaked the Gaming Plus motherboard a few days ago, but the MEG X570 Ace had never been seen before. It is basically a more high end version of the Gaming Plus, with three full 16x PCIe slots, three M.2 slots, a post code display, two 8-pin connectors, robust VRM and chipset cooling, two (yes, two) Ethernet ports, five audio jacks, an optical audio port, five USB 3.1 ports, two USB 3.0 ports, one USB type C port, two Wi-Fi antennae connectors, a BIOS update switch and CMOS reset switch. This is likely the highest-end board ever made for the AM4 platform aside from the Crosshair VII Hero from ASUS.

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MSI also commented on the chipset fans, saying they were necessary due to some "speedy" additions to the chipset, which likely means PCIe 4.0. It is not certain under what exact conditions this seemingly overkill chipset cooling is required, though one rumor is that NVMe RAID using PCIe 4.0 is the main reason. 

Though MSI's representatives were tight lipped about upcoming Ryzen CPUs, it seems pretty clear MSI is making this board because the company sees Ryzen 3000 as a high end product like Intel's 9th generation of CPUs. The existence of the MEG (or MSI Enthusiast Gaming) X570 ACE bodes very well for AMD's upcoming 7nm CPUs, especially in regards to gaming, which is where the gap between AMD and Intel is the widest. Though, it should be noted that MSI's representatives commented on fans "asking for a more higher model [motherboard]," likely a reference to the Godlike brand. MSI's Van Beurden said "let's see, let's see... next week," after which Arts stated "this one is already pretty high end."

We expect to learn more about this and a number of other motherboards at Computex in Taipei.

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