Multiple: 2007 Top Ten Lists

Indianapolis (IN) - A few web sites have compiled some top ten lists for 2007. The first is from NewScientist and is the top ten list of inventions. The second is also from NewScientist and claims to be a top ten list of videos, though not all of the links connect to videos. Still, here they are in the hopes of keeping the doledrums at bay. The third is from The Inquirer, where they make some predictions about what'll be up in 2008:


#10 - A Sony plan for a skateboard that operates like a Segway.

#9 - Digit-saving biometrics, which don't just look at fingerprints, but use infrared to pattern blood vessels just under the skin.

#8 - Fabric displays, those which are even wearable while projecting image data.

#7 - Wheels with wings (for airplanes), that exploit the airflow to allow them to begin rotating before the aircraft lands, saving excessive tire wear.

#6 - Blood staunching bandages, which not only absorb blood but encourage/support the body's ability to stop it from flowing out.

#5 - The hibernation diet, bio-science is finding out ways for us to burn calories while we sleep (apparently).

#4 - Vibrating Razor 2.0, which could cause less skin irritation while shaving (I'll believe that when I see it, all I see is the potential for meat cutting effect of a mobile sharp blade, as in a deli slicer).

#3 - Brain radiator, a thermal pipe which removes excess heat from the brain. Apparently, it helps reduce the severity of epileptic fits.

#2 - Wide-angled gigapixel satellite surveillance, such a camera could photograph a 10km square area of a city from 7.5 km altitude with a resolution better than 50 centimeters per pixel (2 feet per pixel).

#1 - Microsoft mind reader, Microsoft has a patent application submitted to read data straight from people's brains. Filed in 2007, apparently NewScientists believes it could actually work. I'm suddenly struck with images of Doc Brown as Marty first arrives at his house in 1955. "Don't say anything. Okay, you're here from a long distance, and ... you want me to buy a subscription to the Saturday Evening Post?"

Technology Videos/Images

#10 - Transparent gadget that could trump iPhone interface (here).
#9 - Tripedal robot swings itself into action (here).
#8 - Robots with rhythm could rock your world (here).
#7 - Modular robot's wriggles show greater flexibility (here).
#6 - Be the man from Atlantis (here).
#5 - A programmable robot from 60 AD (here).
#4 - Tangible display makes 3D images touchable (here).
#3 - Interactive paper sounds exciting (here).
#2 - Desktop fabricator may kick-start home revolution (here).
#1 - The stuff of dreams (here).

And, for your doledrums-kicking pleasure, a look at the Doh! of technology, a quick read about the Doh! moments of science.

Top Ten predictions for 2008

#10 - A new boss for AMD, and possibly a buyer.
#9 - The 3G/HSDPA/HSUPA web goes free.
#8 - Boredom with green computing issues begins to set in.
#7 - The death of the iPod.
#6 - Sideshow notebooks to finally arrive.
#5 - Cloud computing won't take off.
#4 - Music labels leave DRM town.
#3 - The Internet won't slow down.
#2 - M&A will slow down.
#1 - Virtualization on the desktop won't go mainstream.

Read more ... The Inquirer.