Mushkin's DDR3 Hangs On With Overclocking-Friendly ECO2 RAM Kit

The usurpation of DDR3 as the most common type of system memory by DDR4 isn't far off, but DDR3 still has life in it. Mushkin's new enthusiast ECO2 DDR3 RAM is designed for overclocking, which should help extend the DDR3's performance even more.

The ECO2 memory features fairly standard clock speeds and latency. The RAM is clocked at 1600 MHz, with either CL9 or CL11 timings. The voltage is lower than the standard DDR3 kit, however, at 1.35 V.

Although the clock speed isn't exceptional right off, by raising the voltage up to the standard 1.5 V, the RAM should have more overclocking headroom than the typical DDR3 RAM kit. Stamped aluminum heatsinks are utilized to cool the RAM and should also allow for increased overclocking ability.

Mushkin stated that each RAM module is hand-tested in motherboards before being shipped out, and the company offers a lifetime warranty. Though it is almost certain that occasionally a bad memory module will slip through (there isn't a company in the industry who can claim 100 percent non-DOA RAM) these tests should help reduce the number of modules that are shipped DOA. In addition, if one is found to be bad, the memory should be replaced without charge.

"We are excited to offer our newest ECO2 product, the ECO2 memory line for budget-conscious enthusiasts who want to maximize their gaming and user experience," said Brian Flood, Director of Product Development at Mushkin. "The success of our ECO2 SSDs proved to us that users are not just looking for another run-of-the-mill SSD or memory module, which is why we developed something more efficient and cost-effective, and the new ECO2 memory line of modules where born."

The company is working hard to differentiate itself in a highly competitive market, pushing quality and reliability to help its products stand out, hoping that its ECO2 RAM kit can do just that.

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Michael Justin Allen Sexton is a Contributing Writer for Tom's Hardware US. He covers hardware component news, specializing in CPUs and motherboards.
  • Blueberries
    Timings look very competitive and I can't wait to see how this stands up to the Redline models, specifically at 2133MHz.
  • Tiffany Monyata
    Funny how they offer what comes standard with all memory, DOA replacement...
  • blazorthon
    Nothing against Mushkin, some of their kits were the best overclocking value in recent history, but these modules aren't very exciting. DDR3-1600 CL9 isn't anything new even at 1.35v.

    We've seen this level of performance (and better) at 1.35v and even at 1.25v already and we've seen it at similar prices. If their quality control testing is stricter than before and even fewer modules are DOA, then great, but I don't see anything new here.