Nanoxia's Deep Silence 3 is Versatile and Budget Oriented

Nanoxia's new case, the Deep Silence 3, is built to give users a Deep Silence case at a slightly lower price point. Aesthetically, Nanoxia takes a minimalistic approach, where only the most commonly used interfaces are visible. The optical drive bays are hidden behind a front door.

Inside the case, there's room for up to ATX size motherboards, as well as graphics cards up to 345 mm long (430 mm upon removal of drive cages that might be in the way), CPU coolers up to 165 mm tall, up to five 3.5-inch drives, three 2.5-inch drives, and three optical drives.

Cooling is provided by two front 120 mm fans, two top 120 or 140 mm fans, one rear 120 mm exhaust fan, and one bottom 120 or 140 mm fan. This will also allow you to install plenty of water cooling radiators. To help with airflow, cables can also be routed behind the motherboard tray through the included rubber grommets.

There are also anti-vibration case feet, anti-vibration rubbers for the PSU and hard drives, and a fan controller with two channels. If you don't want any noise to come out of the top of the enclosure, you can choose not to use any fans, and cover the vents with the Nanoxia VentCover from the inside.

Front I/O connectivity is provided by two USB 3.0 ports, one USB 2.0 port, and the standard set of HD audio jacks.

European availability is expected any day now, with no word on U.S. pricing or availability just yet. We're not expecting this one to cost all that much, so if you're in the market for a versatile case, this one might be worth a look.

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Niels Broekhuijsen

Niels Broekhuijsen is a Contributing Writer for Tom's Hardware US. He reviews cases, water cooling and pc builds.

  • youcanDUit
    it seems like it gets hot just looking at it.
  • epileptic
    This looks a ton like the Fractal Design Define R cases. Just look at the front panel and the feet. Even the inside is similar. It's a total ripoff.
  • CodeMatias
    This looks a ton like the Fractal Design Define R cases. Just look at the front panel and the feet. Even the inside is similar. It's a total ripoff.

    The design is a cheap ripoff of the R4 down to the motherboard holes and cable management layout! Even the uneven silver feet, LED ringed power button, and vertically "sanded" door are the same as my R3 Black. Looks like they did fix the filtration issue by removing the slots on the 5.25" bay sides, but they had to go and make it a left opening door (as opposed to the right opening doors in R3/R4).
  • thundervore
    If I did not read the title I would have thought this was a Fractal case. The case feet, the front door, even the IO panel.

    What I do not understand is why would they put 3 USB ports on an ATX case! This waste one of the entire USB2.0 header for just 1 port. Most AIO takes an entire header, then there is the fast charge header that 99% of builders connect to the front.

    I also do not understand the naming convention, the DS1 is XL-ATX, the DS3 is ATX, the DS4 is Micro ATX, but he DS6 is XL-ATX?
  • houldendub
    Looks nice, but just the front ports would put me off. Happy with my DS2, the pop up IO panel and the popup vent on top were awesome, not too keen on having holes in the top of a case deemed a silent case really.

    Anyone interested, Nanoxia cases really are amazing, great build quality, not too hot, easy to clean and best of all, really easy to build in! Only reason I went and bought one of the DS2s instead of a Fractal Design is simply due to the way the door opens, and the fact it's split up rather than a single panel. It's the little things ;)