NEC intros solar-powered monitor battery

Chicago (IL) - Making an early mark in the green electronics market for the new year, NEC today announced the availability of a solar-powered system that uses energy from the sun with a reduced amount of regular electricity, and is compatible with the entire line of its desktop monitors.

NEC has teamed up with alternative energy firm Carmanah Technologies to create the system, which it is claiming makes it the first company to "offer a solar-powered system for all of its monitors."

The system takes in solar energy throughout the day, and in well lit situations can bring in more power than is needed to operate the monitor. The excess energy can then be used during the evening or any other time when sunlight is not as readily available. According to NEC, the system can store enough energy to be able to power the monitor for multiple days.

"Using solar power not only significantly reduces electricity costs, but it also reduces environmentally harmful emissions. Plus, with the batteries having a life expectancy of over 20 years, depending on the number of cycle times, and a panel life of 50 or more years, the investment return is considerable," said NEC vide president of engineering, technical and environmental services Richard Atanus.

The system contains two 120-watt solar panels, three 12-volt solar batteries, a digital charge controller, power inverter, and battery charger. The solar-powered system is designed to produce approximately 293 kilowatt hours of electricity per year, or 800 watts per day.