Tom's Hardware Is Looking For Networking Writers

To get to the point, we need writers who know about networking. Click here to answer our questionnaire.

You may have noticed that Tom's Hardware has been slowly testing out the waters with home networking products. So far, we've published several 101 articles that cover the basics for networking gear like USB adapters, Powerline, Ethernet switches, Wi-Fi extenders and NICs. As we move forward and start adding more products to the list, it's becoming very clear that the Tom's Hardware team will need additional writers to help build out the new networking category.

We're looking for writers to handle multi-product and individual product reviews, deep-dives, buyer's guides, news stories, reference articles and so on. Each type of article has its own style and comes with a list of requirements and expectations that may cater to some writers, but not all.

The writing position is not full-time -- it's freelance -- and so you can work on assignments in your spare time. However, as flexible as the job sounds, we do have deadlines that must be kept, so flakes need not apply.

Communication is also key, especially because the editors need to track all the assigned work that's given out. We understand that some of our writers have day jobs to juggle, but we also know there are potential writers out there who can handle the extra work.

And that's why we turn to you, our readers and community members. From countless conversations at events to the constructively written article comments you leave on the site, we see potential and talent that Tom's Hardware could definitely use.

If you're interested in writing for Tom's Hardware and you feel that you have the writing chops it takes to get the job done, fill out this questionnaire. Leave intimidation behind and answer the questions as best as you can. The answers you provide will show the Tom's Hardware editorial team your technical strengths and writing skills, and how your potential contributions can help grow the networking category. If your answers are spot on, or we see potential, we'll be sure to reach out to you.

Finally, if you've read this far, hopefully this message has sparked some interest in you; whether it's for knowledge or money, we appreciate your time. Thanks in advance and best of luck. One last time, here's the link to our networking questionnaire. Be sure to fill out the contact information on the last page.

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