Ahead of Ampere, Nvidia Grows to 80% of Dedicated GPU Market, Analysts Report

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Nvidia has cornered 80% of the discrete GPU market, according to Jon Peddie Research's Q2 2020 "Market Watch" report. AMD has the other 20%.

Chart showing GPU vendor market share.

(Image credit: Jon Peddie Research)

This news comes before Nvidia is expected to launch its RTX 3000-series graphics cards, plus AMD's upcoming Big Navi GPUs, both of which will affect upcoming purchasing decisions. We still don't know who will come out on top. Overall, desktop graphics add-in board sales increased 6.55% from Q1 of 2020.

It's unclear what affect the COVID-19 pandemic may have had on the GPU market, as factories closed, gaming became an important and valuable way to pass time, and more people purchased computers for both work and play. The demanding for PC components also increased with more people working from home, leading to some shortages.

Chart showing GPU vendor market share.

(Image credit: Jon Peddie Research)

In overall graphics, Nvidia had just 18% market share in Q2, trailing AMD by 1%, while Intel had the majority at 64%. Of course, both AMD and Intel offer integrated graphics in their mobile processors and some desktop chips. All of Intel's current solutions fall into the integrated category and are far slower than discrete AMD and Nvidia GPUs.

Intel may eventually take a slice of the discrete GPU pie in 2021, when it launches its Xe HPG Gaming GPUs. Intel also plans to sell Xe DG1 and SG1 cards this year, using a dedicated form of its Xe LP architecture, but those will be either for testing or lower performance needs.

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  • escksu
    Well, its not unexpected. AMD have not been focusing on GPU market lately. AMD is now putting their effort on Ryzen and Xbox/PS so I don't think we will see much from GPU front for now.

    No doubt there has been mention about big navi for quite some time. Unfortunately, I don't think its going to challenge Ampere. More of just keeping pace with the changes in the market.