High-definition is Nvidia's buzzword at Computex 2006

Taipei (Taiwan) - Nvidia has been pushing high definition as its buzzword of Computex 2006, followed closely by GoForce, the company's brand for streaming video and playing games on mobile phones.

Enter the Nvidia booth and you will find HD video being streamed onto PCs and HD gaming, with HDR lighting, being played on green-glowing SLI rigs. Nvidia PureVideo is promising the upcoming high definition world to those using Home Theatre PC's in H.264, VC-1, WMV and MPEG-2, with full scaling, sharpening and color correction without stressing the CPU or burning through a barrel of oil's worth of power.

On the mobile side, the Nvidia GoForce 5500 is promising to fix all our woes with regards to streaming TV-quality video across sometimes choppy telecom networks. This GPU also promises better audio, sharper images and video recordings from camera phones, and longer battery life. This latter feat, Nvidia says, will be accomplished by offloading the processing required to display media from the CPU.

On the gaming front Nvidia is boasting "Console-class 3D gaming," though mobile phones featuring this technology were more notable for their being placed behind glass - along with the SLI and media center rigs - rather than being more evidently interactive. We can expect to hear more from Nvidia on this HD world-of-worlds on Thursday.

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