Nvidia Tech Demonstration Reveals CPU Focus

This week Nvidia held a press event here at Computex in order to show off its technology and talk about its direction for future technology.

The interesting thing though is that the company spent little to no time on its GPU tech. Nvidia CEO Jen-hsun Huang spoke hardly a word about any upcoming technology in the company's pipeline for GPUs.

What Nvidia did spend most of its time talking about though is its CUDA technology, which focuses entirely on general, highly parallel computing. Much of what Nvidia has been talking in the last year has been about CUDA. The company has received some industry criticism recently for not putting enough emphasis on its GPUs.

While in a press meeting, we even overhead several journalists saying that "Nvidia hasn't had a major GPU breakthrough since the 8800 GTX."

One thing's certain, Nvidia is putting a lot of emphasis on CUDA.

Despite this, Nvidia did make an attempt at showing off its 3D glasses technology. Unfortunately, the tech demo didn't quite work right and many in the crowd were left wondering if Nvidia even realized that the demo didn't work. Unfortunately, no one spoke up, and instead gave hesitant applause.

Could this really mean that AMD and Intel should safe guard their respective markets a bit more aggressively? Absolutely.

  • Nvidia is good at badge engineering.

    Hey wait a minute! There is another company that was all into selling the same product under different names.

    Don't think that went to well for them.

    Maybe Nvidia needs to go Ch 11 so they can actually start to create new products.
  • JeanLuc
    I'm glad at least one journalist pressed Nvidia on the GPU situation, when are Nvidia going to put their arses into gear and get a 3 series GPU onto the market?

    I'm guessing the 8 series fiasco with the broken GPU's and being sued by every major distributor in the world is taking its toll on them financially.
  • zodiacfml
    indeed but it's the only way to grow. very difficult for nvidia since intel's larrabee is based on x86 architecture and amd's solution is cheaper and simpler.
  • norbs
    This article is kinda bad, says CPU in title then starts talking about GPU's and it has misspellings.

    I honestly thought nVidia was finally starting to get into the CPU market.
  • doomtomb
    While in a press meeting, we even overhead several journalists saying that "Nvidia hasn't had a major GPU breakthrough since the 8800 GTX."
    What do you call the GTX 280? Came out a year ago but it's still essentially the top offering from Nvidia (GTX 285 is basically the same thing).

    I do feel the impatience that the journalists are feeling though and it is well-known that Nvidia hasn't been doing much of anything in the GPU market. The only thing on the horizons is the GT-300 series which will hopefully be released at the end of the year. That's still a pretty long time since the GTX 285/295 releases at the very beginning of the year.
  • antilycus
    NVIDIA has to do something to compete against the big boys. Getting bought by the king bully Intel is NOT NOT NOT an option. If NVDA can put some good processors out to compete with the rest, at a desired price point, they have the ability to become a strong contender in the market and grow their company unbelievably large. Putting Intel in the weak spot, which they totally deserve.
  • They've been very busy with the ION platform which is just amazing,if you look at the mobo smaller than a human hand with everything on it!
  • sublifer
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  • Dax corrin
    Yeah, it's a mess here too. Not rendering correctly.
  • kschwarz88
    I thought it might have something to do with these damn ads on the side. Dunno