Nvidia GeForce 7800 GTX graphics cards spotted at Computex

Taipei - Graphics cards manufacturers are gearing up to launch boards carrying Nvidia's next-generation graphic processor, Tom's Hardware Guide has learned. The chip, code-named G70, was shown behind closed doors at the Computex trade show today.

Nvidia is expected to officially introduce the 7800 series within the next few days. What we know so far is that Nvidia will name its high-end model not "ultra" anymore, but use the add-on "GTX" instead. A simple 7800 and a "GT" will complete the product line.

The graphics processors will be equipped with up to 512 MByte memory, support SLI and will be built in an 110nm process by TSMC. There is no reliable information on the potential of the cards at this time. However, manufacturers claim the 7800 will "clearly" outperform the 6800.

Sources mentioned that pricing of 7800 cards should be in line with the 6800 series and come in between $550 and $600 for the GTX model. But the almost traditional short supply of the new generation processors is likely to significantly inflate the price of 7800 cards.

Here are the first pictures of a 7800 GTX card: