HP Documents Point to Nvidia GeForce GTX 1180 Release (Updated)

Update 2/22/19: HP representatives confirmed that the GTX 1180 branding was used as a placeholder while the company awaited the finalized branding for the RTX 2080 graphics cards. HP updated its specifications in press materials at the launch of the OMEN Obelisk Desktop, but the official datasheet on HP.com still erroneously listed the GTX 1180 at the time of publication.

Original Article:

It appears that Nvidia could be preparing a non-RTX flagship gaming graphics card. Documentation for HP's Omen Obelisk gaming desktop references a Nvidia GeForce GTX 1180, which Nvidia has never announced. 

(Image credit: HP)

The datasheets for different Omen Obelisk 875-0xxx series models list the GTX 1180 as a graphics card option. However, it's important to note that the documents date back to September 2018, which is right around the time Nvidia released the GeForce RTX 2080. So it's possible the GTX 1180 was listed there as a placeholder. But the GeForce RTX 2080 has been out for a little over five months now, and HP hasn't updated the datasheets. Could this mean Nvidia will really release a GTX 1180, or did HP make a simple typo? (Edit: The company later acknowledged it used the 1180 branding as a placeholder while awaiting official branding). Other than the amount of dedicated memory (8GB), HP didn't share any additional information about the GTX 1180.

Staples employee training documents, shared on Reddit yesterday, also mention the GTX 1180. However, there is an ongoing discussion on the validity of the documents. 

More Evidence of GTX 1180

Not so long ago, an alleged GTX 1180 magically appeared in the GFXBench database. The benchmark picked up the GTX 1180 as an RTX 2080, suggesting the GTX 1180 is based on Nvidia's Turing architecture as well. 

Unfortunately, the GTX 1180 was tested in a Linux environment and the RTX 2080 in a Windows environment. However, if we put the results side by side, we can see that the GTX 1180's performance is very close to that of the RTX 2080.

(Image credit: GFXBench)

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