Bricked: Nvidia GeForce GTX 690 Built with Lego

Some people like their graphics cards; others love them; and still other people live for them. Xiaosheng Li loves his GTX 690 graphics card so much that he built one out of Legos. Yes, Legos, the Danish-made construction toy.

To build it, Xiaosheng used 11,396 Lego bricks, with the end result being a six foot long, two foot wide behemoth. The project took him three months as well as 10,000¥, equating to about $1640. To design the card, Xiaosheng used the LEGO Digital Designer software (opens in new tab)

The graphics card might not run Crysis, though it does have a working fan!

For more details on the project, read his forum post at the TechPowerUp forums.

Niels Broekhuijsen is a Contributing Writer for Tom's Hardware US. He reviews cases, water cooling and pc builds.

  • Jim_L9
    Weird, but cool.
  • clonazepam
    "Or run crysis" ... well glad we won't see that comment question lol... I would have built a woman, myself.
  • thundervore
    As a fan of both Lego and Nvidia i must say that i am impressed.
  • wikiwikiwhat
    Now where's its case to fit that in.
  • xroe
    Now we just need a modular case that can accommodate it *obvious cough* lego *obvious Cough*
  • cwolf78
    Funny that the Lego version of the 690 is more expensive that the real thing!
  • Zachasaurs
    15 minutes? i guarantee working 6 hours a day this would take at least 4 months and it would become immobile with ought breaking
  • hotroderx
    If I was Nvidia I offer to not only buy the lego card but also hire him for marketing. The kid obviously has some talent for engineering even if he used a program to help design it.
  • vaughn2k
    Should have bought the real one though... :D :D :D
  • Pyree
    My GTX 690 is bricked. :P