Nvidia Increasing GeForce Now Subscription Prices in Some Regions

Nvidia GeForce Now
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Nvidia has quietly announced updated pricing for GeForce Now in certain regions, which will take effect next month. The new pricing increases subscription costs for GeForce Now's Priority and Ultimate tiers in Canada and Europe.

Nvidia is increasing the price of its Priority and Ultimate tiers by roughly 40% in Canada, as noticed by 9To5Google. Elsewhere, in Europe, the UK, Sweden, and Denmark, prices are going up anywhere from 10% to 30%. We've picked out the current prices for those regions and the pricing that goes into effect next month for reference.

GeForce Now updated pricing Nov 1, 2023

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There's are a few oddities with the price changes, depending on where you live. The Ultimate 1-month cost in Canada is 'only' going up 30%, while all other options are increasing by 40%. For the other regions that we checked (we used Germany for the European pricing), there's a mix of price changes. Germany shows a 10% increase, the UK gets an 11% bump in costs, Denmark is going up 13%, and Sweden prices are shooting up 30%. Canada still got the brunt of the change, though. Sorry, eh!

Nvidia states that its new pricing changes were made to compensate for "increased operational costs in Canada and Europe." Presumably, they're talking about electricity prices and other infrastructure expenses, though we can't be sure. Regardless, a 30% or 40% price hike is a huge price increase, while others get a more models 10~13 percent bump.

The good news is that all other regions outside of Canada and Europe, like the United States, are not receiving any price hikes of any sort. Also, Founders members who first got on the GeForce Now wagon will continue to receive their "Founders for Life" price benefits, meaning that Nvidia's new price hikes do not affect them.

Nvidia's new pricing changes for Canada and Europe will start in November. Here's the full list of updated pricing for all effected regions, according to Nvidia's support page on the subject:

GeForce Now November Price Hike

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  • AgentBirdnest
    Nvidia, you hoser.
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    If you believed that wasn't going to happen, and won't keep happening, well... how's that one saying go?
    "I have a bridge to sell you"?

    Bloody subscription models... screw 'em.
  • vehekos
    I stopped using Geforce Now the day it demanded a log in to work.

    Any "feature" in Geforce Now is nonexistent to me.