Nvidia CEO Celebrates FTC's Case Against Intel

Yesterday news broke that the FTC was investigating Intel. Soon after, Nvidia CEO Jen Hsun Huang sent out a company memo informing the troops that this kind of event could "transform the industry." Read Huang's full memo below.

Hi everyone,The U.S. government announced today that it has filed an antitrust lawsuit against Intel. This is an action the industry needs and one that consumers deserve. And it’s one that can completely transform the computer industry.The facts are clear. The FTC has charged that Intel has used its monopoly illegally to stifle innovation, to keep prices for their products inflated, and to unfairly block competitors. The FTC believes that millions of consumers have paid more and received less quality in return–and that companies and their employees have been forced out of markets where Intel has been threatened.Intel is fully aware that great graphics have become one of the most important features for consumer PCs, the fastest-growing segment of the PC market. Even more alarming to Intel is the revolutionary parallel computing technology in our GPUs that is being adopted by software developers across the world. The more successful we became, the bigger threat we were to Intel’s monopoly. Instead of creating competitive GPU solutions and competing on the merits of their products, Intel has resorted to unlawful acts to stop us. The FTC announced today that this isn’t acceptable.Nothing this complicated gets decided quickly. It will take months for the FTC case to be heard by an administrative judge who will then recommend a ruling back to the FTC. And it’s possible that this decision could be appealed. But today is a huge step forward for all of us that will begin to re-level the playing field.Today’s FTC announcement highlights the industry-changing impact of the GPU and the importance of our work. Our innovation is making the PC magical and amazing again. I can now imagine the day when Intel can no longer block consumers from enjoying our creation and experience computing in a way we know is possible. Keep innovating...Jensen

  • sstym
    Thank you Jen for your measured reaction.
    My guess is what you wanted to say was
    "That'll teach you b*tches to screw up our chipset division. Also, please send me your Larrabee prime blueprints, I'm out of TP. Bwahahahahahaha!"
  • pullmyfinger123
    I wish Nvidia would stop popping the champagne corks and focus on how it can compete with AMD/ATI. Nvidia is falling behind in price and performance. FOCUS PLEASE, Nvidia!
  • Onus
    I agree with sstym, BUT, this does seem a little hypocritical coming from the same company that decided, if you're using a competitor's GPU, "No PhysX for YOU!"
  • igot1forya
    My guess is that the FTC's observation of Intel paying off AMD as a sign of their guilt. Additionally, sense AMD's cases have been dropped the FTC is free to subpoena anyone and everyone now with out the restrictions that another pending case would cause (evidence being withheld or blocked for example).
  • daekar
    What exactly is the FTC charging Intel with, and on what grounds? I'd say that nothing I've heard so far - which is why I'm asking - sets off any "evil corporation" bells in my head. Look at the their processors and SSDs. Are they the best performing pieces of kit out there? Yep. So why shouldn't they command a price premium? It's not the government's job to make sure that no company gets too far ahead of any others. Besides, having Intel products priced high means more room for other companies in the lower price-tiers, where consumers (at least) seem to be putting their cash these days. Zipzoomflyhigh, do you have a link to any further information about this "stealing, bribing, and copyright infringement?" I know they made that big settlement with AMD, and that's that. No double-jeopardy, that issue is solved, so the FTC shouldn't try to go after them for that. Would love more information...
  • Socnom
    Summation of Nvid's CEO comment:
    Yes!! Thank you FTC for giving us a scape goat for our lack of innovation.

    Does Nvidia's CEO know that they do not compete in the CPU market? Does he know that if Intel keeps a monopoly and hinders innovation of CPUs that it actually helps him if the mainstream adopts parallel computing of GPUs? Where do you think people will go if a CPU upgrade does nil, but a GPU upgrade improves performance?

    Will someone please get him a neck cone to prevent his foot from entering his mouth!?
  • mrcmark
    Good memo to boost employees moral. Cunsumers deserve innovation. Competition from these companies makes sure that cunsumers always benefits.
  • mrcmark
    consumers - sorry
  • Glorian
    Nice, another line of dialogue has been added.

    Intel: Ok AMD we are sorry, you can have some pie.
    AMD: Thank you.
    Nvidia: Pssss, hey FTC. Get a big piece so I can have some too.
  • falchard
    Not good for nVidia to gloat. If this passes, nVidia is next on their list.