Report: Nvidia Preps GK107-Based GTX 650 Card

The 550 Ti may soon be replaced.The 550 Ti may soon be replaced.

According to Turkish site Donanim Haber, the GTX 650 is positioned above the GT 640, with which it shares the GK107 chip with 384 active processing cores and 1.3 billion transistors. the GK107 is only about 40 percent as large as the GK104 (1,344 cores) that is used, for example, in the previously introduced GTX 670. Pricewise, expect the GTX 650 to find its place much closer to the $100 GT 640 than to the $400 GTX 670. A $120 to $150 range is expected.

The GTX 650 is said to arrive with 1 GB GDDR5 memory, 1 GHz core clock and will become available a little late for the back-to-school season. However, a slight graphics card upgrade may not be on many school supply shopping lists anyway.

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  • 11796pcs
    AMD has had their cards out for forever now, any non-biased buyer who simply wanted a graphics card would most likely have already bought an AMD card. Doesn't Nvidia lose a ton of money by waiting so long to release the rest of their cards? By the time they finish releasing all of them, AMD will have a new generation of faster cards!
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  • amuffin
    That card is supposed to be around 560ti-570 performance :)

    Essentially a beefed up 550ti that is worth the $150!
  • bustapr
    amuffinThat card is supposed to be around 560ti-570 performance Essentially a beefed up 550ti that is worth the $150!

    the 560ti is still at around 180-190. if this is around the performance of a 560ti and a 570, it is VERY doubtful itll be anywhere near the 150 price point. itd be around post 200 price point and the 560ti would drop(I say this considering that new gen clones of cards are always more expensive than their previous versions, and usually more efficient.)

    I suspect this will be closer to a regular 560.
  • tomfreak
    I think it is closer to a 460 SE than 560ti. it is a GK107 chip, noway it will be 70-80% the speed of GK104(GTX660Ti/GTX580).