Nvidia's New Titan Xp Graphics Card Unlocks The GP102's Full Potential

Nvidia quietly announced a new graphics card in the Titan lineup: the Nvidia Titan Xp. Few details about the card are currently available, but from the information we have, we can deduce that the Titan Xp carries the same GP102 GPU on which the Pascal-based Titan X and GeForce GTX 1080 Ti are based, but with all 30 SMs enabled.

The graphics card comes with the same high boost block as the GTX 1080 Ti, punching in at a whopping 1,582MHz. The memory clock is boosted from 11 Gbps to 11.4 Gbps. Considering the jump in specs across the board, the GTX Titan Xp is certainly the new king of the hill when it comes to graphics performance, at least on paper, with 12 Tflops or raw performance.

The card is packaged in same style as the 2016 Pascal Titan X, featuring the new Nvidia cooler with a black shroud and the “Titan X” letters embossed into it. It's 10.5” in length, occupies two slots, and carries the same 250W TDP as the Titan X and GTX 1080 Ti. Naturally, the new graphics card supports DirectX12, Vulkan, and OpenGL 4.5, along with Nvidia Ansel, G-Sync, and all the other expected technologies.

Nvidia said the Titan Xp will be the first Pascal-powered GPU to reach Mac users with new beta drivers "coming this month."

The Nvidia Titan Xp is available to order directly from Nvidia immediately for the same $1,200 price tag as the 2016 Titan X.

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GPUTitan Xp (GP102)GTX 1080 Ti (GP102)Titan X (GP102)GTX 1080 (GP104)
CUDA Cores3,8403,5843,5842,560
GPU Boost Clock1,582MHz1,582MHz1,531MHz1,733MHz
GFLOPs (Base Clock)12 Tflops10,609 Gflops10,157 Gflops8,228 Gflops
Memory Data Rate11.4Gbps11Gbps10Gbps10Gbps
Memory Bandwidth547.7GBps484GBps480GBps320GBps
Process Node16nm16nm16nm16nm
Niels Broekhuijsen

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  • dstarr3
    Looking at the GFLOPs on the chart, I'm going to guess the Xp is the only card that should be labeled with Tflops, and the others are Gflops. 'Cuz, uh... a 10,000-Tflop card would, a) be incredible, and b) cost more than a 10-Tflop one.
  • esco_sid
    So about 5% faster than the Ti and on paper 6.7% faster as far as specs go.
  • Mike Coberly
    If this isn't the card that AMD's Vega intends to contend with, then this time next month I will be joining team green (not with this card of course).
  • c4s2k3
    Man, AMD just can't catch a a break in the high-end GPU market with NVIDIA pushing out these things regularly. I'm partial to NVIDIA but would love to see some competition. I guess we may see what the first Vega-based offerings looks like in the next month or two, and I hope it is a high-value competitor to the GP102-based units from NVIDIA.
  • burtman88
    Lol dont worry guys new Titan XP will be 1,200 dollars only for the 6 percent increase :)
  • Colin_10
    Do they (AMD) really need to compete at the ultra high end? There may not be enough financial incentive to do so. For AMD keeping up in the middle ground where most buyers are looking probably makes more sense.
  • esco_sid
    19526893 said:
    Do they (AMD) really need to compete at the ultra high end? There may not be enough financial incentive to do so. For AMD keeping up in the middle ground where most buyers are looking probably makes more sense.

    There might not be but it affects their marketing they cant claim to have the fastest etc etc...

  • Matt1685
    It's 13% faster than the 1080 Ti in both processing power and memory bandwidth. It's just a matter of having the power headroom to use it.
  • techy1966
    LOL!!! So we finally are seeing what the First Titan should have been. I guess Nvidia had a year to salvage enough chips to finally release the true Titan King of the hill card. They will charge you all of your body parts for this thing that is a given.

    You know Nvidia is worried about what AMD has got with Vega that's for sure. I do not think Vega will be fast enough to beat this card but at the same time it is not supposed to this card will be priced in a totally different league but people will go oh the new Vega does not beat the new Titan it is slow forgetting that the Vega card will mot likely be $500-$700 cheaper. The card Vega should be or will be hopefully be pitted against is the 1080 Ti because they are going to be priced closer more alike.

    So I guess we will see how the review sites spin this. If they do like they did with Ryzen Vega is in trouble for sure if it don't beat a card that costs hundreds of dollars more. If you don't know what I am talking about Ryzen being pitted against i7 7700K@5Ghz when AMD themselves more than once labeled their chip more of a workstation chip that was more than beefy enough to take on chips like the 6900K in workstation related stuff but could also game pretty good too. But the review sites oh the chip sucks because the 7700K@5ghz beats it in gaming well DUH of coarse it would and should it is running 1Ghz faster when both are overclocked and in games clock speed and IPC are king.

    Back to Nvidia they lost my sale for a 1080 Ti because they dragged their butts releasing it I had the $1200CAD to buy it back in the fall of 2016 right up until christmas 2016 when it did not come I bought myself a new 60 inch TV instead and am very glad that I did.
  • sillynilly
    That thing is damn sexy