Nvidia to unveil G70 at GeForce LAN 2.0

Nvidia will hold a series of public and non-public events to launch its next-generation graphics processor G70. One of those events everyone can attend will be GeForce LAN 2.0, a BYOC gaming tournament that takes place on June 21 in San Francisco.

According to a statement released by Nvidia today, gamers "are invited to join NVIDIA for the launch of its next generation GPU" after the LAN part. "No one goes home empty handed - but some will leave with more than they can carry," Nvidia wrote, so we take a guess that the company will hand out a few graphic cards with the new chip. While it hasn't been officially confirmed, Tom's Hardware Guide learned at the most recent Computex tradeshow, that the chip will be named the "7800" series with the flagship model carrying a "GTX" label.

The LAN party itself covers a BF2 and a UT2004 CarBall tournament. Every BYOC gamer will receive a retail copy of EA's Battlefield 2, Nvidia said. Registering lines are still open at www.geforcelan.com. (THG)