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Nvidia Releases Source Code, Mod Editor For ‘VR Funhouse’

Nvidia released the source code for its VR Funhouse, in addition to a brand new mod editor called the VR Funhouse Mod Kit. The new software gives modders the ability to manipulate the Unreal Engine 4-powered VR Funhouse, and the source code allows developers to build their own games with the same Nvidia GameWorks, PhysX and VRWorks technology found in the HTC Vive carnival game.

Nvidia also released five of its own mods for the title. Most of these are aesthetic changes, with Big Top covering your carnival with a large colorful circus tent. Great Moles of Fire enflames your rodent boxing opponents, and Super Whack-A-Mole lets you hammer moles in 360 degrees. Nvidia also lets you modify your weapons, with a Tommy Gun for the Shooting Gallery and Cannon Skeet, or a Zero Gravity Goo gun to shoot clowns with slow-motion goo.

Nvidia has said from the beginning that the source code would be made available publicly, and it’s good to see the company following through with that promise, which was previously disclosed in a GeForce blog:

"NVIDIA VR Funhouse will be open sourced, so developers, artists and enthusiasts can learn from our work to make their own, compelling experiences even better.”

VR Funhouse is available for free on Steam, and the VR Funhouse Mod Kit is available inside the Epic Games launcher in the Modding tab. You can acquire the source code directly from Github (though you need an account to access the file).