NXP Offering Device Makers Fully Secure USB Type-C Solution

NXP Semiconductors announced that it has a full solution for USB Type-C that offers secure features to protect devices. 

USB Type-C is the latest innovation to the long running USB standard, and the newest iteration makes use of a smaller, fully reversible connector. The new design is capable of delivering up to 10 Gbps and can deliver up to 100 watts of power. Power delivery is also bi-directional, meaning devices can charge other devices with this port. Type-C also supports other protocols such as Display Port and Thunderbolt.

NXP's solution is capable of detecting poor power sources from either low-quality materials or non-compliant products. In this case, the controller would disable features to protect the device from damage. NXP said this feature can also improve battery life, as disabled features don't draw power.

NXP's USB Type-C ecosystem includes:

microcontrollershigh speed switches USB 3.0 redriversESD protection and filtering devicesUSB PD PHY, CC logic controllerauthentication hardwareload switchesAC/DC power solutionsMOSFETs

In other words, it has all the components that a device manufacturer would need to integrate NXP's secure features into their products.

NXP creates high-performance mixed signal electronics with an emphasis on security. The company has operations in 26 countries and makes products for portable and wearable devices, connected car technologies, and the Internet of Things.

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  • Daniel Ladishew
    Paid Ad much?
  • kcarbotte
    Paid Ad much?

    Why would you think this is a paid ad?
    I reported on NXP's press release, which is linked as the source.

  • coupe
    Sounds cool. Its good that companies are securing this already.
  • photonboy
    About USB2 (non-reversible):

    Reach behind PC. Insert USB cable... Nope. Reverse... Nope. Try again (don't want to break something...) Nope... pull out PC to be sure. Look closely at connector and cable... Ahhh, there you go.

    About USB3 Type C: (reversible):

    Reach behind PC. Insert cable.
  • photonboy
    (I should have just said "USB non-reversible" since USB3 has the same dual-sided connector it's only Type C variant I believe that is reversible)
  • cipnrkorvo
    Really nice! Maybe soon it'll be possible to charge a device using a solar panel directly, without any risk of frying it!