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NZXT Adds Larger, More Affordable AIO CPU Coolers To Kraken Lineup

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NZXT added two new products, the Kraken X72 and M22, to its all-in-one (AIO) CPU liquid cooling lineup.

The Kraken X72 and M22 sport the usual features you’d find in Kraken-branded coolers, including reinforced tubing, RGB LED lighting (controlled by the company’s CAM lighting and cooling control software) on the pump, and a set of fans to push air through the radiator. However, the X72 is the company’s first CPU liquid cooler to feature a 360mm radiator (the previous maximum was 280mm), making it the largest AIO cooling product available in NZXT’s catalog. The M22 is a third of the size of the X72 (120mm), but the company is positioning the new M series as an affordable alternative to the previously available X-series coolers.

NXZT’s Aer P 120mm high-static pressure fans, which are ideal for liquid coolers, come included with the Kraken X72 and M22 (3 and 1 each, respectively), and they are designed for quiet operation with their chamfered intakes and fluid dynamic bearings. Although each cooler’s pump is accented with RGB LED lighting, the included fans don’t have the flashy lights.

The NZXT Kraken X72 and M22 are available for pre-order from NZXT’s website for $200 and $100, respectively. The M22 is warrantied for three years, and the X72 is covered for double that (six years). The X72 is expected to ship on March 12, and the M22 will start reaching customers and retailers on March 26.