Oasis MK2 Laptop Liquid Cooling Enclosure Drops CPU, GPU Temps by 15C

XMG Oasis MK2 Gaming Laptop Liquid Cooler
(Image credit: XMG)

XMG has unveiled a new external laptop liquid-cooling solution called the Oasis MK2 designed to reduce CPU and GPU temperatures on supported 2022 and 2023 XMG laptops. According to ComputerBase, the MK2 version is more refined than the original MK1 and features a smaller housing and substantially slower pump speeds, resulting in quieter operation.

The unit measures 95 x 72 x 166mm and features a custom loop featuring a 120mm radiator, fan, dedicated pump, and reservoir. The unit is covered in a stealthy matte black finish, with a hint of RGB lighting on the front and side. To the sides are two dedicated intake and exhaust vents that feed fresh air into the radiator. Two self-sealing hoses hook the device to the laptop, where the liquid and built-in air-cooled cooling system are used to cool the CPU and GPU. According to XMG, users can expect up to a 15C temperature drop while using the liquid cooler on XMG's highest-end laptop models, featuring a 13900K and RTX 4090.

(Image credit: XMG)

Compatibility is limited to specific 2022 and 2023 XMG gaming laptops with the necessary hardware to support the Oasis MK2 liquid cooler. Supported laptops include the XMG Neo 15 E22, Core 15 M22, Neo 15 and 17 M22, as well as the Neo 16 and 17 E23.

ComputerBase reports that the MK2 features several significant improvements over the original Mk1 version. The biggest update is the pump which has been updated to operate at a much lower RPM, and it has a "zero RPM" mode for completely silent operation when the connected system is idling. Another change is the size of the external enclosure itself which has been slimmed down slightly from 203 x 75 x 186mm on the original MK 1 to 95 x 72 x 166mm on the MK2. The new dimension does make the MK2 slightly taller than the original, but the slimmer and shortened dimensions should make it easier to pack inside backpacks and laptop bags.

Maintenance is also easier with the new MK2 model. The water level window has been increased to offer better visibility, and the hose connections have been adapted to use magnetic connections for ease of use.

If you own a compatible laptop, XMG's Oasis MK2 can be bought on bestware.com for 219 euros as a standalone option.

Aaron Klotz
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  • Evildead_666
    The size of the Mk2 is 195 x 72 x 166 mm on the webpage.
    You have it as 95 x 72 x 166 mm twice in the text ;)

    It actually looks smaller in every dimension if the Mk1 dimensions are correct...
  • PEnns
    I would never consider a laptop for gaming.

    But if I did, this would be a very good solution to the noise and heat (assuming it doesn't generate a hellish noise in the process)..