Oculus Connect 2 Streamed Live Through AltspaceVR

AltspaceVR has announced that it will be streaming the Oculus Connect 2 event this week. The company originally said that it would be covering every session at the event, starting today at 1pm EST with the "Making Great VR: Lessons Learned From 'I Expect You To Die’" talk by Jesse Schell. Unfortunately, there was either a misunderstanding, miscommunication, or change in the plans, as earlier today AltspaceVR updated the description for today's event, stating that the stream would not start until tomorrow.

"Unfortunately, we've just learned that the stream does not start until Thursday, so we won't be streaming sessions for Day one. However, we will still be hanging out!" – AltspaceVR

All is not lost for the AltspaceVR Oculus Connect Day 1 event though. "Cymatic" Bruce, AltspaceVR's Community relations head will be doing impromptu interviews with attendees at Oculus Connect. Interviews will be conducted with a pair of GearVR headsets, allowing them to happen directly in the AltspaceVR Oculus Connect session stream space.

For day two, AltspaceVR intends to stream the entire day's worth of keynotes and sessions, starting with Brendan Iribe's keynote at 10am PT, and running through the day. The session is scheduled to end at 6:30pm PT, when the last talks should be wrapping up for the day.

AltspaceVR hinted at some activities that might take place within the session, including some possible "Carmack Bingo" during his keynote. The company said there will also be other networking events throughout the day that will cater to a range of time zones.

AltspaceVR will be streaming day three from start to finish. The sessions on the third day start at 9am PT and wrap up by lunchtime at 12:30 pm PT. The company has not listed any additional activities, nor does it appear there will be any more interviews on the final day. The session will stream the developer discussions with Unreal and Unity, as well as John Carmack's VRscript demonstration.

To take part in any, or all of the Oculus Connect AltspaceVR sessions, you simply have to be a registered member of AltspaceVR. Attendance is free. All three sessions require individual signups, and attendance must be registered before entering.

AltspaceVR is primarily intended to be used with a VR HMD such as an Oculus Rift DK2, or a Samsung GearVR headset, but it is possible to attend without using a virtual reality device. AltspaceVR said that registered members of AltspaceVR can reach the session in 2D via your web browser.

Editor's Note: Just before this article went live, we learned that users can also watch the Oculus Connect keynotes via the company's Twitch channel, as well as on Gear VR devices via the NextVR app.

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