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Oculus Rift, GoPro Let Fans Train with English Rugby Team

When we hit CES last month, the product that impressed us the most was Oculus Rift. The demo we got offered a gaming experience like no other. However, we also talked about other applications of the technology, including the ability to experience otherwise impossible scenarios from a first hand perspective. Demonstrating just that is UK wireless carrier O2's latest project called 'Wear the Rose.' 

The carrier aims to give fans an experience they'll never forget by letting them train with the English rugby team. Particpants can tackle, drive, catch, and jump around the pitch with their favorite players. The whole thing was created with nine GoPro Hero 3 cameras and a custom gimble, designed specifically with Oculus Rift in mind. There was 160 hours of filming and a total of 320 hours of development before the "game" was complete; O2 says it will be available sometime this year.

It's not clear if this will be a full fledged game for Oculus Rift users, or if O2 plans to run this "experience" in its stores. We'd say the latter might be more successful, especially since it will get people into O2 stores and spread the joy that is Oculus Rift to those outside the hardcore gaming community. Regardless, it's an awesome idea. Check the trailer below for a little peek at the experience.

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