Oculus VR Confirms Android Version Coming Next Year

Early last week, word got out that next year might bring a consumer model Oculus Rift based on Android. The news stemmed from comments John Carmack made during an interview with Engadget.

"You will eventually have a head-mounted display that probably runs Android as a stand-alone system, that has a system-on-a-chip," he said when asked about Oculus Rift and mobile phone use.

Now, just a week later Oculus VR has confirmed plans for Android support. Speaking at the GamesBeat 2013 video game conference, Oculus VR CEO Brendan Iribe announced that the Oculus Rift headset will launch on mobile and PC simultaneously.

This mobile solution, which will be Android-only, will be a lighter version than the PC model and will utilise the Android device’s processor. Iribe told attendees during his keynote speech that while they’re skeptical about how good virtual reality can be on mobile, what John Carmack has been able to do is 'pretty incredible.'

John Carmack Joined Oculus Rift in August of this year having supported the project right from the beginning (before it even appeared on Kickstarter). Perhaps best known in the gaming community as the co-founder of id Software and lead programmer on Wolfenstein 3D, Doom, and the Quake series, Carmack is also a pioneer of 3D graphics as well as a rocketry enthusiast. He also founded aerospace startup Armadillo Aerospace in 2000.

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  • Quarkzquarkz
    So will the PC version be better than the Android version? I NEED TO KNOW Thx in advance!! ^^
  • Sveg
    @ Quarkz
    Think bigger. Streaming the pc game to this. Hardware inside is needed to help with that.
  • myromance123
    For a guy that thinks Linux isn't the right way for Valve to go, I can't comprehend why Carmack would agree to use Android considering it is Linux.