OCZ Intros New Fatal1ty 550W, 750W Power Supplies

First unveiled at Computex 2013 back in June, OCZ Technology has finally refreshed its lineup of Fatal1ty Series power supply products that will light up your gaming rig in more ways than one. These new units feature high efficiency, a fully modular cable design, and a feature-set that promises to meet the demanding needs of multi-GPU systems.

OCZ said the updated line now includes 550W and 750W models co-developed by Johnathan "Fatal1ty" Wendel to address the needs of PC gamers who need plenty of power to energize their high-performance gaming rigs. Both feature a single +12V rail for exceptional power distribution, and a 135 mm temperature and load-controlled red LED-lit fan (double ball-bearing on the 750W unit) for silent operation and lighting up the rig's interior with hellish gaming fury.

"The Fatal1ty line of PSUs have been popular among gamers looking for high quality, reliable power for the latest GPUs and power hungry system components," said Bob Roark, VP of Power Management at OCZ. "The new Fatal1ty 550 and 750W PSUs feature a brand new core and are not only quieter and more energy efficient but also provide customers with enhanced flexibility with a complete modular cable design."

The full list of specs for both models can be seen here, and reveals that both PSUs have an 80-Plus Bronze rating in power efficiency. The 550W model has one 8-pin EPS connector, two PCI-E connectors, eight SATA connectors, and six peripheral connectors. The 750W model has two 8-pin EPS connectors, four PCI-E connectors, eight SATA connectors, and six peripheral connectors. Both support Nvidia's SLI, AMD's CrossFire, and Intel's latest Core "Haswell" processors.

"Fatal1ty Series PSUs are built-to-last with premium components and heavy-duty protection circuitries that utilize specialized DC-to-DC converters for compatibility with Intel's Haswell platform, and are able to operate at lower power usage when off or in standby mode," the company said. "These latest PSUs promote an organized case environment that maximizes airflow by eliminating unnecessary wiring, ideal for case-modders and system builders opting to maintain the aesthetics in customized PC builds."

These two latest Fatal1ty power supply models are available immediately and are backed with a 3-year (550W model) or 5-year (750W model) warranty.

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  • patrick47018
    Sweet, these would look good in my rig, too bad they don't have higher watt PSU's
  • abbadon_34
    of course they do, though 750 is sufficient to power my notoriously power hungry 6990 (6970x2) & oc'd phenom II + a full atx case of hdd,odd, and add cards. In fact my UPS rarely reads over 500-600. Only when I put my brothers hexacord i7 and dual titans did i need more, yet still under 1kw
  • Sakkura
    I've always thought Fatal1ty was a really bad name for a power supply.