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OCZ Releases Vector 150 and Vertex 460 SSDs

OCZ this week launched two new SSDs at Computex 2014, the Vector 150 and the Vertex 460. The Vector 150 is geared toward the enterprise units, and the Vertex 460 is for the mainstream user looking for value. 


With the recent acquisition by Toshiba, OCZ has transitioned to in-house NAND flash and thus can provide more value to their products.  High-end enthusiasts will reap the benefits as the Vector 150 as it has best-in-class IOPS performance and emphasizes high sustained performance. The 480GB model is posted as 100,000 IOPS random read speed and 95,000 random write speed. While most other SSD and HDD come with a 3 year warranty, the Vector 150 comes with a 5 year warranty. 


In addition to the new Vector model, OCZ has released the Vertex 460 for users wanting both performance and value.  The 480GB model is posted as 90,000 IOPS random read speed and 90,000 random write speed.  An increase from the Vertex 450 and above their competitors in the SSD market.  The Vertex 460 comes with an industry standard 3 year warranty. 

Both the Vector 150 and Vertex 460 are available in 120GB, 240GB, and 480GB capacities. Pricing has not been announced for these two new OCZ SSDs but hopefully we will see some improvement after transitioning to Toshiba’s in-house NAND flash. 

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