Gartner Shows PC Shipments Stagnating, Again

There are not many positive signs for the PC industry in Gartner's latest sales charts. Most PC makers are barely hanging onto past sales successes, and numbers clearly reflect an environment of saturation in mature markets and a lack of innovation that would lure consumers into buying new PCs.

Globally, PC sales declined by 0.1 percent year-over-year in Q2 to 87.5 million units. HP kept the lead, but suffered a 12.1 percent drop in unit sales to 13.0 million PCs. Lenovo added 14.9 percent and ended up at 12.8 million systems. Lenovo is now close to overtaking HP as the world's leading PC maker with a market share of 14.7 versus 14.9 percent.

Acer, in number 3, added 3.6 percent to 9.6 million PCs. Dell lost 11.5 percent to 9.3 million. Asus jumped by 38.6 percent to 6.1 million.

In the U.S., the leading two manufacturers, HP and Dell, dropped by 12.5 percent and 9.5 percent, respectively. Apple was the only major computer maker to post unit sales growth (4.3 percent). The company solidified its positions as the third largest PC maker in the U.S. with 12.0 percent market share, but still trails Dell, with 21.7 percent, and HP, with 25.0 percent, significantly.

There is little hope that the market environment is changing in the current quarter. The rough economic environment is combined with a market in which consumers may be delaying their purchases until the release of Windows 8. Many consumers may be favoring a tablet or smartphone purchase or waiting until ultrabooks become much more affordable.

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  • sten_gn
    PC aren't dying.
    Try converting DVD movie to different format ... I bet that Your super ultra tablet or smart phone is unable to comply.
    Try playing newest games in high res or try working with any advanced image editor on 4" or 10" screen ...
    We don't buy new hardware every new year. Mostly we keep it as long it works properly.
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  • lunyone
    Most people are buying laptops and not spending a whole lot on them, from what I've seen from friends. I just bought a laptop, but my last PC purchase was in '06 time frame. I would probably buy more parts, but currently there isn't a real need for me and I also don't really have the $ to do it either.
  • Granter
    I have never manage to figure out how the `F.. the same applications just keeps using more and more RAM and cpu power for every year that goes, as if they were updating the programs to just consume more power making us buy new PC's.

    On another note, ofc there is little need to upgrade your 4-5year old computer when it can manage to play every game there is, yes even battlefield 3works great aslong as you play on laptop sized monitor 1280x720 highquality. Which is more than enough to have a great visual experience.

    I can already see now utterly clueless people going like "PC is dying guys LUL", in 2years when the new consoles are releassed and new engines that can't run smoothly on todays computers (unreal engine 4, new cry engine? maybe a super upgraded quake engine, doom4 anyone) I'm sure that the PC market will ones again be king of the hill.
  • Anonymous
    About 1 Billion People use the internet.... we still got 6 billion more people that will need to get on! :)