ODMs Indicate Weak Notebook Shipments for October

If Digitimes' sources are correct, then original device manufacturers (ODMs), the companies that build computer systems for PC vendors, are expecting a decline of shipments during this month.

According to the publication, notebook shipments for HP were 3.5 million in September, but will decline to 3 million this month. ODMs increased notebook shipments to Acer by 30 percent in September, but the unit numbers will decline again by 10 percent this month. China's National Day holidays are adding to the overall decline in shipments, but it is remarkable that ODM shipments are estimated to drop 25 percent below "normal months" in October. Common sense would suggest that the Christmas shopping season as well as the launch of Windows 8 would see a higher production volume.

Compal Electronics, one of the largest ODMs, said that the company expects to ship 12 million notebooks in the fourth quarter, up from 20 percent in Q3. However, the overall shipment level for the year will "hold level or drop slightly on year."

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