Philips LCD Monitor Detects Your Presence

We’re in front of our computers a lot throughout the day. In fact, many of us we spend more time in front of our screens than anything else, be it for business or pleasure. But invariably throughout the day, we get up and leave our desks sometimes for lunch or other breaks.

We try to be energy friendly by setting our displays to go to sleep after a certain number of minutes, but it’s still not as ideal as having a display turn itself off whenever we’re not in front of it.

Enter the Brilliance LCD from Philips, which has a built-in sensor that detects the presence of someone in front of it. When the monitor senses that no one is in front of it, then it dim itself and cut power consumption by half. Original settings are restored once the user returns.

The sensor is also configurable for a range between 30 cm and 120 cm and works independent of external systems software or OS.

North American pricing and release aren’t yet known, but it’ll be hitting the UK in July for £170 ($282), according to pocket-lint.

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  • joshthor
    In soviet russia computer monitors you!
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  • joshthor
    In soviet russia computer monitors you!
  • sot010174
    Nice idea, but I want a "disable" button for this feature. I own a 23" LCD and sometimes I'm watching videos from my bed and I wouldn't want to the thing to dim when I´m far from it. Nevertheless I like the concept.
  • Gin Fushicho
    Thats awesome , getting pretty close to the way I'd like it.;D