Dub Wheels rolls out LED wheels for your car

You've seen neon lights and spinning wheels on expensive, tricked-out cars, but Dub Wheels is rolling out their "Pimpstar" wheels that could become a fancy trend in automotive accessories. Powered by a microprocessor and wireless modem, the wheels are covered with color LED lights and can display images, text, digital photos. Dub said.

Pimpstar does not need batteries because the wheels are powered by the car's electrical system. Software is included that lets owners create their own images. Images can be programmed to be shown on separate or all the wheels. Pictures can be changed at intervals to provide a slideshow effect. The electronics are sealed and Dub claims owners can even take them through a car wash.

If you aren't part of the Rapper and basketball player crowd, plan on shelling out more than pocket change for installing LED wheels on you car. The wheels are currently selling for around $12,500 to $19,500 for a set of four.