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Hands-on With the Research in Motion's PlayBook

We've already seen a small demo of the BlackBerry PlayBook this week. However, given that it was posted by RIM and showed the as-yet-unreleased tablet up against Apple's hugely successful iPad, you can bet that RIM did everything in its power to ensure the PlayBook came out of that comparison looking like a star.

If you're more into demos that aren't meticulously planned, we might interest you in this little snippet of video from Engadget. The site managed to get a hold of RIM co-CEO Jim and convinced him to let them manhandle the device for just a second or two in private. They say the device is plasticky but solid, and reported that the touchscreen was fairly responsive.

Though the hands-on was brief, the RIM chief also showed a quick demo of the OS the tablet uses. Rather than opting for the still fairly new BlackBerry OS 6, RIM decided to use a new OS, which they're calling BlackBerry Tablet OS. It's the fruit of a QNX acquisition and the company plans to eventually use it on other devices.

Check out Engadget's video below.

Source: Engadget

  • samwelaye
    as much as i call the ipad useless, i gotta hand it to apple: they know how to make an interface BUTTER smooth. rim, not so much. itll probably be a better device though
  • Humm, that didn't convince me. Make the apps better and cheaper, and the tablet cheaper for that matter.
  • dEAne
    Hope their is a comparison between iPad, Hp and this.
  • UI seems to borrow heavily from WebOS. I wonder what HP will have to say about that
  • sudeshc
    HP got better stuff under the hud.
  • I'd be dumping my RIM stock if I were you right now. All they have done is play catch up the last 5 years. Blackberry was great back in a world of dumb phones and WinMo, but now that apple and google have entered the mix they stand absolutely no chance. Zero innovation. RIM is still riding on the success of their corporate BES contracts from the past, but even businesses are starting to see the light and adopt a more modern platform. Using a Blackberry today is like using Win95 on your pc at work. Practically ancient technology. And this wannabe tablet looks wholly inferior to existing technology, let alone whats coming in the future.
  • rjandric
    De-lag the GUI and I'll get it.
  • house70
    Needs more polishing and less lag.
  • osxsier
    Or how about get an iPad and enjoys the huge developer support it receives.
  • zak_mckraken
    edelbrpHumm, that didn't convince me. Make the apps better and cheaper, and the tablet cheaper for that matter.WTF are you talking about? What's the price? Where are the apps? What are the apps priced like?