PNY Joins GTX 1060 3GB Party With Single Entry

With a 3GB variant of the GTX 1060 now coming to light from Nvidia, it didn’t take long for board partners to capitalize on the new $200 GPU.

This 3GB variant uses the same GP106 chip as its 6GB bigger brother. Aside from the VRAM slash to 3GB, Nvidia also cut down the CUDA core count to 1,152 from 1,280.

For now, PNY offers only one model of the GTX 1060 3GB.

The card itself uses the same aftermarket heatsink as the PNY GTX 1060 6GB, with two downward-firing fans and an all-black shroud, which is typical of PNY graphics card designs. The card features a base clock of 1,506 MHz and the boost clock is dialed in at 1,708 MHz. It also features 3GB of 8 Gbps GDDR5 memory. The max power draw of the card is 120W.

The card costs $229.99, and currently you can find it on

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PNY GeForce GTX 1060 3GB
Cuda Cores1,152
Core Clock1,506 MHz
Boost Clock1,708 MHz
Memory Clock8 Gbps
Memory Size3GB GDDR5
Memory Interface192-bit
Memory Bandwidth192
Power InputOne 6-Pin
Max Digital Resolution7680x4320@60hz
Display Connectors-3x DisplayPort 1.4-HDMI 2.0b-1x DL-DVI
Card Dimensions9.85 x 4.53 inch, dual-slot

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  • TNT27
    RX 480 dead :'(
    unless they make it much cheaper now
  • falchard
    Don't let the name fool you. This is pretty much a GTX 1055. It has 1152 cores instead of 1280. About an 8% reduction in cores and 1/2 the memory. Even if you were generous and said this card performs 8% worse than a full GTX 1060, it still will be at a competitive point verse an RX 480 and like the 1060 slower in DX12/Vulkan.
  • NeatOman
    Looks like a great 1080p 60fps card, Especially if you plan on playing DX11 titles for a long time.
  • photonboy
    3GB is "okay" but it's going to have issues with some games, especially in the future. The RX-480 has 4GB or 8GB, and will do much better with future DX12 titles. There is also an RX-470 too which is almost as powerful as the RX-480.

    Of course the PRICE would dictate value, but I would suggest at least 4GB for most people now.
  • turkey3_scratch
    18468188 said:
    RX 480 dead :'(
    unless they make it much cheaper now

    Nope, same-priced cards perform the same.
  • George Phillips
    Idiots buy this 3GB version when RX480 has 8GB and the full 1060 has 6GB.
  • Bandock
    I'm very distrustful of this card...

    Sorry, but we had cards from PNY before go bad (especially the fans on them). They were cheap back then, but certainly were not the best quality.

    I could be wrong about today's PNY cards, but I know we have had bad cards from them before. Most common issue being that the fan dies, resulting in mass overheating. I once owned a PNY Geforce 9800GT and the fan on it went bad from about months up to 2 years later. My siblings had PNY Geforce 9600GT cards and their fans also went bad. We even used to own PNY Geforce 6600GTs (Vertos I believe) that eventually went bad (at least one of them did).

    Now, I'm not distrustful of nVidia as we have bought other Geforce cards with no problems (from different manufacturers of course).
  • Juha_Bach
    AMD gives you 8bg of VRAM on card that cant push 30 fps in 4K. And thats only cause its cheap to give vram but its hard to give good performance. And retards fall for that obvious marketing trick. Its same with CPUs. Their eight core crap gets beaten by 2 core intel. But people still bash Nvidia for 3gb card thats perfect for 1080p. And who cares if its same name, 1050, 1055 or 1060. You got the price reduced. Whats the problem?
  • flipman

    I see what you say m8. I had in the past 3 MSI ( 2 x 6600GT, 250GTS ) 1 Asus ( 8800GTS ) 2 Galaxy (FX5200, 460GTX) that died. Now I have a Gigabyte R7 260x giving me Blue screens in all my games so I kinda think it is more likely other factors then just the name :) I never used PNY before.

    I don't see 3GB for my games being low as I play MMO's and no other games ever showed bad performance with even 2GB memory.
  • Ryan_182
    Juha you're beyond ignorant. Do you truly expect a 200$ card, AMD or nVidia to push 4k? Don't bash AMD just because you're too dumb to know anything about computers.