Intel Processor Price Cuts for July 2010

It's one of our favorite times of the year – CPU price cuts! Intel has updated it processor price list, and there are new models introduced and some older ones getting a price reduction.

Check out Intel's price listing page here, or if you want to go directly to the updated pricing list in PDF, click here.

Notably new in the list is the six-core Gulftown Core i7-970 that hit Newegg at $899 (but is listed at $885, but don't forget that figure is in 1,000 unit quantities). Also new is the Core i7-870s (quad-core, 8 threads) and the i5-750 (quad-core, 4 threads).

With the 82W Core i7-870s coming in, the older 95W Core i7-870 gets a considerable price cut, falling by almost half, from $562 to $294. TechPowerUp has done us all a huge favor and composed a summary table that lists all the updated CPU listings:

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  • dragonfang18
    Aww... I was hoping the 950 would get a price cut with the intro of the 970.

    Is it me or is the 970 weird that it has 6 cores, when they came out with a 975 that was quad core.
  • dark_lord69
    ... still too expensive
  • Other Comments
  • atdhe
    No cut on the i5 750... :/
  • acasel
    if only amd zosma has been released. price vs performance, ill go for amd........... hands down..
  • xaira
    old news

    @ atdhe i think they will eol the 750, because intel doesnt like to sell quads that cheap