Prusa Research Acquires Printed Solid

Prusa CEO Josef Prusa with Printed Solid CEO David Randolph
(Image credit: Prusa Research)

American Prusa fans have something to get excited about after Printed Solid, Inc. announced today that it will be purchased by Prusa Research. Printed Solid will expand their staff and warehouse space in 2022 as they become the official reseller and support team for all USA based customers. 

The acquisition is a friendly one, with Prusa Research announcing that Printed Solid is “joining the family.” Josef Prusa and Dave Randolph, CEO of Printed Solid, have been friends for years. “We must have attended at least 30 shows together, and I can call him a friend.” Said Prusa in a press release. “His amazing team will help to improve the availability of Original Prusa 3D printers, parts, accessories and services beyond the “big pond.””

Printed Solid, an American filament manufacturer and reseller of 3D printing accessories, is well known for their line of affordable Jessie filament. Prusa Research is the manufacturer of the Prusa MK3S+ and the Prusa Mini+, both on our list of Best 3D Printers of 2022. They are also the power behind, a 3D printing community hub and a growing library of stl files.

In February, Printed Solid announced a reseller partnership with Prusa Research, allowing them to sell Prusa machines at the enterprise, government and educational level. 

The acquisition will cut shipping and response times for all American customers, who will soon be able to order products and replacement parts from Printed Solid’s Delaware headquarters. 

Randolph will remain CEO of Printed Solid Incorporated and his company will continue to make Jessie PLA and PETG, famously named after his dog. 

In November 2021, Printed Solid announced the purchase of the Elixir and FX brands of silk PLA filament, with plans to bring manufacturing in house. Supply chain issues have delayed the release of the new materials. 

Denise Bertacchi
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  • rmm200
    Two of my favorite companies merging. Prusa printers and parts with domestic shipping.
    What is not to love!