be quiet! Launches Pure Power 10 CM and Pure Power 10 PSU Lines

be quiet! —a German manufacturer that specializes into the production of silent PC parts—said its new Pure Power 10 PSUs are best suited for gaming systems, workstations, and silent PC configurations.

The Pure Power 10 CM line includes four members with a semi-modular cable design and with capacities ranging from 400W to 700W, while the Pure Power line only includes non-modular PSUs, six in total, with 300W to 700W max power. Most of the above units have 80 PLUS Silver efficiency certifications (only the 350W and 300W Pure Power models are 80 PLUS Bronze certified) and are equipped with a very silent, 120mm be quiet! fan. The minor rails in the PSUs with 400W and higher capacity are generated through a couple of DC-DC converters. The provided warranty is three years long and be quiet! mentions a good pricing scheme.

The new Pure Power 10 models utilize the "Active Clamp + SR" topology that their predecessors also used. They are based on an FSP platform--to be more specific, the 400W and higher capacity units use the FSP Raider II platform. Most likely the 300W and 350W units use an older double-forward FSP platform with a group regulation scheme for the minor rails, instead of DC-DC converters. To increase reliability solid capacitors are used for filtering purposes, on the secondary side of the PSUs.

The modular cables have a low-profile design while the native cables are fully sleeved. Models from 400W upwards provide two PCIe connectors in order to support more than one GPU; models with 600W and above are equipped with four PCIe connectors.

Pure Power 10 CM power supplies with cable management are priced between €72-€115 / $72-$115 / £60-£95 MSRP, while Pure Power 10 power supplies with fixed cables are priced between €50-€105 / $50-$105 / £43-£85 MSRP. We don't have any information about when these PSUs will be available in the US market, where be quiet! doesn't have a strong presence.

Contributing Editor

Aris Mpitziopoulos is a Contributing Editor at Tom's Hardware US, covering PSUs.

  • Anathemata
    50-105 dollars for non-modular, 80plus silver or bronze, with three year warranties? What market segment do they expect these to fit in?