QOTD: Do You Want Reader Submitted Content?

The latest graphics cards, CPUs, motherboards, overclocking tricks, storage devices--we try our best to have these covered in a consistent and reliable manner.

However, there's a lot of gear and software out there that goes uncovered. Things like system utilities, tweaking techniques, and a whole world of hardware like sound cards and gaming devices. Many of you have a lot of the devices that don't get coverage on Tom's Hardware and Tom's Guide. Then there's news. News happens all the time, all around the world. Maybe you live in Japan, or the UK, or Taiwan and you're privy to unique information that you think people should hear about.

The question of the day is: Do you want a user submitted content section?

If you had the ability to write, and post stuff to the site, would you want to contribute what you know? A lot times, things we discover come out of troubleshooting a problem, or trying to get a particular device to work in a neat way.

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  • Anonymous
    it would need its own section on the website, with some moderation
  • echdskech
    I like the idea, but there should be some way to make sure the good ones are not drowned in crap.
  • Eggrenade
    As long as the reader submitted content doesn't replace any real articles and there are moderators and editors to check profanity and grammar. Also, all fanboyism and unsupported opinions should be banned. But that aside, I would like some mouse and keyboard reviews.
  • Other Comments
    Sure why not it will be cool to see what people want to say! :D
  • Anonymous
    it would need its own section on the website, with some moderation
  • lapalm
    Agree with Geibys, as long as it's clear it's user content.