AMD Radeon HD 6700: "Twice the Horsepower"?

AMD hasn't officially announced anything with regards to the next generation Radeon HD series. We know it's coming, but there's no official word on models, specifications or clock speeds yet.

What we do have are potential leaks and the speculation that comes with all of that. This chart has been leaked from two different sources showing the performance leap that will come from the Radeon HD 6700 "Barts" series. It's all unconfirmed, but we certainly hope that they're true, given the claims of significant performance improvements.

The chart below comes from Napoleon of ChipHell fame.

(via VR-Zone.)

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  • ivanlucrazy
    Am I blind? I can't find anything there that points to "Twice the Horsepower"
  • gmarsack
    nforce4maxWow far far to many fanboys, you ATI people are giving Apple a run for it's money when it comes to fanaticism.

    Says the guy whose name as NVIDIA written all over it. :)
  • Anonymous
    6770 = 5770 not 5870, 5870 = 6870 which is not listed in the chart
  • Other Comments
  • kewlx
    Now thats what I need!
  • sirmorluk
    Come on hard release! I am so glad I waited rather than upgrade all my machines to the 5xxx series. I was just one click away from upgrading every machine in my house and luckily I resisted the urge.
  • sirmorluk
    Looks like it uses more power though in both idle and load.