AMD Radeon Pro Software Enterprise Driver 17.Q4 Now Available

On the first anniversary of the launch of the company’s Enterprise Driver program, AMD released its new Radeon Pro Software Enterprise Driver version 17.Q4 with wider support for Radeon Pro and AMD FirePro hardware.

New in this driver release is virtualization support for Citrix XenApp and VMware Linked Clones, optimized game development workflows, and a more refined screen capture and recording functionality with Radeon Pro ReLive.

Given the fact that many developers use both professional and consumer grade graphics cards in their systems, AMD developed the Radeon Pro Software Enterprise Driver 17.Q4 with “one driver” support that can be used with systems equipped with either type of GPU. This new unified enterprise driver lets end users run professional applications on both physical and virtual machines using one driver that meets multiple professional graphics needs.

This new driver features refinements to AMD's Radeon Pro ReLive that allow for maximum recording bitrates up to 100 Mbps, improved notifications, camera transparency, and enhanced audio controls, just to name a few.

On the security front, developers employing the use of AMD's 17.Q4 driver with the Radeon Pro WX 9100, Radeon Pro SSG, and Radeon Vega Frontier Edition cards will be able to utilize the built-in secure processor found in Vega-based Radeon Pro GPUs. This processor works together with Radeon Pro Software and Windows Defender Device Guard when using Windows 10 Enterprise edition to perform boot and firmware validation and to help thwart malicious attacks. AMD's Secure Processor continues to protect your system even during shutdown.

Finally, a new “Driver Options” feature (Windows 10 required) allows game developers to switch between Radeon Pro Software and the latest Radeon Software Crimson ReLive Edition drivers to playtest and optimize their gaming experience.

AMD's Radeon Pro Software Enterprise Driver 17.Q4 can be downloaded here.

Fixed IssuesIn Dassault Systèmes SOLIDWORKS 2017 (SP3 / SP4) with RealView enabled, a model in shaded mode may show lines and wireframe when rotated.Users may encounter Blu-ray playback issues on PowerDVD after switching to Gaming Mode.During sleep and resume, a user may experience a TDR when instant replay is enabled.Video recorded through Radeon Pro ReLive may only show a green image and cursor on Radeon Pro WX 7100.User may encounter display anomalies such as disabled display resolution field set at a fixed value after driver installation when connected using DP cable.Unexpected behavior with Siemens Solid Edge that may cause TDR and non-responsive states.Unexpected behavior with 3DMark Fire Strike and Cloud Gate.AMD Eyefinity tab may not be displayed in CNect on Windows 7.With 10-bit displays, users may encounter anomalies in display results for “Vega”-based graphics hardware.Forced EDID Emulation may fail to be enabled for “Vega”-based graphics hardware.Intermittently, only one display per GPU is selectable for setting Timing-Client on “Vega”-based graphics hardware.User may experience anomalies with Radeon ReLive after switching to Gaming Mode from Professional Mode for “Vega”-based graphics hardware.Corruption/Flickering may be observed on selecting grid in SideFX Houdini for “Vega”-based graphics hardware.​Unexpected hangs may be observed when reinstalling the driver on VM.

Known IssuesUnexpected display anomalies such as flickering and blank screen for SDI speed test.User may encounter missing/incorrect gaming driver version number when installing and switching between Gaming Mode and Professional Mode.Unexpected behavior when resume from sleep on Radeon Pro SSG.Unexpected behavior in Adobe Premiere Pro CC 8K playback when resuming from sleep and hibernate on Radeon Pro SSG.The uninstaller may not remove amdssg64.sys during uninstall on Radeon Pro SSG.Warning messages may be observed during Radeon ProRender installation for Autodesk 3ds Max and SOLIDWORKS on Radeon Pro SSG.The user may experience unexpected behavior creating 4x1 or 6x1 AMD Eyefinity display configurations with 5K displays for “Vega”-based graphics hardware.Unexpected behavior with Packed Pixel with 10-bit support for Radeon Pro SSG.Unexpected behavior with 6 4K display configuration while running 3DMark Fire Strike for “Vega”-based graphics hardware.Application profiles may not be automatically created with “Vega”-based graphics hardware.HBCC Memory Segment may not retain its applied value on “Vega”-based graphics hardware.Unexpected behavior may be observed when triggering a TDR in a virtual machine using VMware Horizon or Citrix XenDesktop.​​