XFX Radeon R9 280X Double Dissipation Surfaces

One of XFX's "next-generation" graphics card offerings made an appearance on VideoCardz, the Radeon R9 280X, which also includes the company's new Double Dissipation cooler. Aside from its rather sleek and premium appearance, the cooler features one large aluminum fin array and two 100 mm cooling fans that claim to offer "lower noise, greater airflow and cooling."

Admittedly, the "next-generation" association could be somewhat misleading since the R9 280X is, in fact, a refreshed version of the Radeon HD 7970 GHz edition. While its specifications have yet to be confirmed, some leaks have suggested that the card will feature a 6.4 GHz memory clock (up from 6 GHz) and an "unlocked voltage" that will presumably allow for easier overclocking.

As you might expect, details on the graphics card's launch date or price are unknown, but we can speculate that the XFX Radeon R9 280X Double Dissipation cooler will be launched in early October with a $20 - $30 increase over reference prices.

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  • opmopadop
    Anonymous said:
    Where is the whining and complaining that the 760/770 was met with?? Oh yeah. Apple level fanboism.

    My local store for the Gigabyte cards :
    2GB 680 : $399
    2GB 770 : $469

    Pay more for same hardware but newer branding, sounds Apple to me.
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  • patrick47018
    Mmm, these sexy new cardz...
  • patrick47018
    And also these cards do not need cables to crossfire, AMD is on a roll!
  • meowmix44
    My OCed ASUS 7970 DCU pulls the same as the 280X and is voltage unlocked. I only payed 250USD for it. Hmmmmm.... Also my Firestrike score is exactly the same (6750+).