Rajintek EOS 360 RBW AIO Brings ARGB, Unique Block Design

Rajintek has released a new AIO water cooler in the EOS 360 RBW. The 360 RBW adds to the existing EOS RBW line that currently consists of one other model, the EOS 240 RBW. The new cooler sports a larger 360mm radiator, along with the same addressable RGB (ARGB) fans and unique design on top of the cold plate where a pump is normally housed. 

(Image credit: Rajintek)

The new design uses a ceramic axis-bearing high head pressure pump (1.5m) at the base of the radiator that's capable of moving up to 40 L/H. The pump moves the water in relative silence and is rated at 30dBA (max) at 4,500 RPM. Rajintek lists the life expectancy at 50,000 hours. Power travels to the radiator/pump through a SATA header that's 500mm long.

(Image credit: Rajintek)

The radiator uses a high fin density of 20 FPI, along with 12 channels to move the water through the radiator. The 360mm radiator includes three 120 x 25mm ARGB fans to move air through the dense fins. The fans use a hydraulic bearing fan with speeds ranging from 800-1,800 RPM, yielding airflow of 75 CFM and 2.3mmH2O (max) while producing 28dBA noise, according to the vendor. The fans plug into a PWM header on the motherboard for control. 

(Image credit: Rajintek)

The oversized cold plate measures 68 x 65 x 40mm, which is a larger area on most; however, we do not see support for AMD's TR4 CPU socket support, which is surprising. 

Additionally, the EOS' full copper block uses micro-fin channels for heat dissipation and waterflow over the CPU

On top of the cold plate is durable housing, along with an ABS plastic shell and metallic paint cover that lets the 5V ARGB LEDs shine through. This connects to your motherboard through an ARGB header and can be controlled via the motherboard software. 

(Image credit: Rajintek)

Neither pricing nor availability is listed, but we expect to see these available soon.

Joe Shields
Motherboard Reviewer

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