Adata Sets DDR4 RAM Overclocking World Record at 5,634 MHz

(Image credit: Adata)

Adata's XPG Overclocking Lab (XOCL) has managed to overclock the brand's RGB-lit Spectrix D60G memory to a staggering 5,634.2 MHz, as recorded by HWBot, dethroning the HyperX Predator as the fastest DDR4 memory on earth.

With this new milestone, Adata has proven that the Spectrix D60G memory doesn't just look good but overclocks even better. The XPG Overclocking Lab paired the single Spectrix D60G 8GB memory module with the octa-core Intel Core i9-9900K CPU and MSI's MPG Z390I Gaming Edge AC Mini-ITX motherboard to achieve this feat.

(Image credit: CPU-Z Validator)

As expected, the overclocking team resorted to exotic cooling, in this case liquid nitrogen, to cool both the CPU and memory module. Of course, when you're aiming to break world records, you have to push your hardware to its limit, so your typical cooling methods have no place in the competitive overclocking world.

When it comes to pushing for raw speed, memory efficiency is basically thrown out the window. In order to hit 5,634 MHz, the XPG Overclocking Lab had to use very loose timings that you simply won't see in normal day usage. The overclockers set the Spectrix D60G's CL timings to CL31-31-31-46 3T. Although Adata didn't provide any insight on the operating voltage, we suspect it was about 2V.

Now that Adata has taken home the crown for the world's highest memory speed, the ball is in G.Skill and HyperX's court now. G.Skill is the brand with most experience in extreme memory overclocking. However, HyperX recently emerged as a worthy contender as well, so it'll exciting to see which brand will step up next.

Zhiye Liu
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