Raspberry Pi 4 Gets Official Edge Impulse Machine Learning Support

Raspberry Pi
(Image credit: Edge Impulse)

Designing AI applications is about to get easier for Raspberry Pi users. As of today, the Raspberry Pi 4 is an officially supported platform within the Edge Impulse ecosystem. For those unfamiliar, Edge Impulse makes machine learning accessible on a number of platforms, the most recently supported being our favorite SBC.

With this new support, users will be able to create original models that can be used in custom machine learning applications all from within the Edge Impulse Studio.

Raspberry Pi

(Image credit: Edge Impulse, Raspberry Pi Foundation)

As with many AI-based Raspberry Pi projects, you'll need something for input to use with the machine learning system. Users can install a microphone, camera or even use both as input for their machine learning application.

Accompanying the new support is the release of three new SDKs including Node.js, Go, Python and C++. These aim to help the model integration process when training AI with custom data from the Pi.

You can read more about how the system works on the official Raspberry Pi blog and read more about the new Pi support on the Edge Impulse website.

Ash Hill
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