Raspberry Pi Project Connects 1989 Macintosh SE/30 to Internet

(Image credit: Metalbabble)

If you've got a Macintosh SE/30 in 2020, you're probably not using it online. But what if you really want to? That's where Metalbabble's Raspberry Pi SE/30 project comes in! It uses an old Raspberry Pi to help the classic Mac machine connect to the internet.

In a nutshell, the Raspberry Pi is used to share it's network connection with the SE/30 using a serial cable. The Pi is running a PPP server that the Mac is able to establish a connection with.

Metalbabble decided to use an old Raspberry Pi model B unit, but you could easily upgrade this to a Raspberry Pi 4. The old model B device doesn't have built-in Wi-Fi support, so it had to be added with a USB wireless adapter. The Pi uses an application called SLiRP to run the PPP server on Raspbian (now Raspberry Pi OS).

(Image credit: Metalbabble)

The Pi is connected to the Mac using a serial cable. Metalbabble connected the cable to the modem port on the SE/30 but also advised the printer port would work just as well.

The setup process for this project is rather precise. You can find a full write-up from Metalbabble detailing the complete process. It also features beautiful screenshots from the Mac SE/30, showcasing the classic low-pixel display. Be sure to follow Metalbabble for more cool projects and any future updates on this one through their official website.

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