This Raspberry Pi Mini Gaming PC Is Decked Out With RGB LEDs

Raspberry Pi
(Image credit: Jay, Print 'N Play)

Graphics cards might be hard to get ahold of (at least without parting with a small fortune) but you can still build a gaming PC with the help of our favorite SBC, the Raspberry Pi. Jay from Print 'N Play has done just that with his latest creation: a mini RGB gaming desktop.

This project was designed to do more than just function as a gaming rig. It also looks the part, with a custom 3D-printed case that resembles a vertical desktop tower. The best Raspberry Pi projects have a little flash, and this one features a transparent panel to show off the inner hardware and RGB lighting.

The setup includes a 9-inch LCD panel for video output. The screen is housed inside a custom shell that also functions as a stand. For input, Jay is using a Bluetooth mouse and keyboard.

No gaming PC is complete without a proper cooling system, and this one features an Ice Tower cooler. Ports have been rerouted so that they can be accessed from the rear panel, just like one of the best gaming PCs. If you want to print the case yourself, Jay was kind enough to share the STL files at Thingiverse.

Jay is using this mini PC build for both retro gaming emulation and streaming games over LAN with his dedicated gaming PC using Steam Link. To read more about the project in detail, check out the project thread at Reddit.

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  • rluker5
    Cute, but not very small or capable compared to an atom pc stick from 5 years ago.
    But if you are making it for fun I can't argue with that.