Raspberry Pi Uses Siri to Operate a Garage Door

Raspberry Pi
(Image credit: Steve Does Stuff!)

Building the smart home of your dreams? You may want to check out Steve's Siri-controlled garage door management system from Steve Does Stuff on YouTube. It uses a Raspberry Pi integrated with Siri support to check the status of and control up to three individual garage doors.

Users can interact with a custom interface hosted on a Flask-based web server. The dashboard offers various control options as well as log information with usage history for each door.

You'll need a Raspberry Pi Zero W for this project as Wi-Fi support is absolutely critical to the system design. All of the information needs to be accessible through a network connection to provide the web-based support. It also uses a 4-channel relay, magnetic reed switch, and a hammer header for the Pi.

(Image credit: Steve Does Stuff!)

Because the dashboard runs on a Flask server, it can be accessed from a computer, smartphone, tablet or even a smartwatch. The system can accept input from and output data using Siri as an interface.

Visit the project Github page for detailed steps on how the project works and be sure to check out our list of best Raspberry Pi projects for more awesome creations from the Pi community.

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