Razer's New Abyssus Mouse Simple, Affordable

The modern PC gaming mice, while still very similar to the original design, have come a long way with advancements such as optical sensors.

The old Microsoft Intellimouse used to be the simple choice for the diehard Quake player, but since then more full-featured and advanced designs have made the Intellimouse obsolete. Even Razer, with its arsenal of gaming goods have elaborate mice that could be more than what the stripped-down gamer wants – until today.

Razer today launched the Razer Abyssus gaming mouse, which features a very simple ambidextrous design that houses a 3.5G 3500dpi infrared sensor.

"Less is more," said Robert Krakoff, president, Razer. "We’ve taken our ambidextrous three-button mouse design and loaded it with our industry-leading technology without the added cost of too many bells and whistles. Our goal with the Razer Abyssus is to give competitive gamers access to gaming grade hardware without breaking the bank."

The Razer Abyssus has two large non-slip buttons tuned for maximum tactile feedback. Underneath, it has two mechanical switches -- one on-the-fly dpi switch giving the user their choice of 450, 1800, or 3500dpi; and one polling rate switch allowing instant adjustment from a standard 125 hz to 1000 hz Ultrapolling.

The mouse is available now for $49.99 or €39.99.

Marcus Yam
Marcus Yam served as Tom's Hardware News Director during 2008-2014. He entered tech media in the late 90s and fondly remembers the days when an overclocked Celeron 300A and Voodoo2 SLI comprised a gaming rig with the ultimate street cred.
  • sstym
    I can at last tell Logitech to get lost. They (Logitech) make excellent gaming mice, but since the days of the MX310 and the G3 they have chosen to blatantly ignore left-handed gamers. I even posted questions about future plans for left-handed or ambidextrous gaming mice, which have been steadfastly ignored.

    I am probably going to buy this one as a replacement for my aging MX310. Thank you Razer for acknowledging the existence of southpaw gamers.
  • sunflier
    Underneath, it has two mechanical switches -- one on-the-fly dpi switch giving the user their choice of 450, 1800, or 3500dpi

    Gamer1: Um, can you guys give me a sec while I turn my mouse upside down so I can adjust it's speed.

    Enemy Gamers: Uh, yeah sure go ahead.

    Gamer1: Thx. Oh, wait, no. Now it's too fast. Can you hold one more se...

    Enemy Gamers: HEADSHOT!!!

    My Logitech adjusts on they fly with a button at my finger tip.
  • tipoo
    That DPI figure is pretty intense. How does it compare to newer tech like Blue track or Darkfeild?
  • kencolestud69
    Affordable? The price is comparable to the G9 mouse I bought on sale for $50. The Razer mouse may be a good choice for lefties but for the right hand man it is too expensive for something so plain.
  • pocketdrummer
    "This is one is made for simple point and click."

  • "without the added cost"

    Only $50!
  • Onus
    Hmmm, take a solid, $20 mouse, add "Gaming" to the title, and jack the price by over 100%...are gamers really that gullible?

  • wildwell
    What the heck is a, "Gaming mouse?"
    It says it's for, "Simple point and click."
  • griffed88
    the price is a bit much for a 3 button mouse and 3500dpi is pretty intense unless you like super sensitive mice. if they dropped the price $20 then i think it might be worth it. I use exclusively Razer mice but this doesn't seem to be worth it, especially at a $50 price point.
  • doomtomb
    Apparently $50 is Razer reaching for the bargain shoppers. I think I'll stick with my Logitech G5.