Razer Blade Pro Gets GTX 1080, Mechanical Keyboard, Weird Touchpad Placement

Razer announced a new thin and light gaming laptop with specs you wouldn't expect to find in a thin and light device--most notably, an Nvidia GTX 1080 graphics module.

The Razer Blade Pro is a 17.3-inch mobile monster of a machine with an Intel Core i7-6700HQ, 32GB of memory, and RAID 0 PCIe M.2 SSD storage up to 2TB. It features a 4K (3840 x 2160) IGZO display with Nvidia G-Sync, in addition to Killer Doubleshot Pro networking (E2400 Gigabit LAN and Wireless AC 1535). Somehow, all of this is crammed into a chassis that's less than an inch thick (0.88") and weighs only 7.8 lbs.

The Graphics, The Cooling

Razer isn't a stranger to the thin and light market, with the Razer Blade Stealth and Razer Blade laptops offering a similar hook: go thin and light with some ample horsepower under the hood. However, the new Blade Pro takes that concept to a whole new level, almost redefining what a thin and light device could be with the inclusion of the incredibly powerful GTX 1080.

The Razer Blade Pro is not the first laptop from the company to sport a mobile Pascal-based GPU. Indeed, although the Razer Blade now has the GTX 1060 as an option, the GTX 1080 is a cut above.

Of further note, the Razer Blade Pro has a USB Type-C Thunderbolt 3 port, which indicates that it's ready for pairing with the Razer Core external GPU dock. (However, the onboard GTX 1080 would seem to obviate the need for the mega peripheral.)

The powerful GPU does, however, necessitate a robust cooling system. One does not simply cram a GTX 1080 into a slim chassis, to borrow the meme. To that end, Razer boasted of its vapor chamber cooling, stating that it's paired with a custom fan design and dynamic heat exchanger.

Mechanical Switches On A Laptop, And What's Up With That Touchpad?

In a move that is as expected as it is welcome, Razer tricked out the Razer Blade Pro with ultra low-profile mechanical keyboard switches. We assumed we'd see these switches land on the company's laptops when it announced them this summer--there was no way they would remain as an option for something as un-Razer-like as an iPad accessory. (Time is ticking on when we'll see low-profile Kailh switches emerge on competing notebooks.)

Another striking design choice (brave or stupid, depending on your point of view) is the placement of the touchpad on the Blade Pro. Instead of positioning it under the keyboard, as it is on virtually every laptop in the world, Razer stuck it off to the right. In a way, this puts the touchpad where a mouse would more naturally be if you were typing on a desktop. Razer also cleverly placed a volume roller just above the touchpad.

Thin and light devices usually have a hefty premium attached, and the Blade Pro is no different. Starting at $3,699, the Razer Blade Pro is expected to ship in November.

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ProductRazer Blade Pro
ProcessorIntel Core i7-6700HQ
Memory32GB DDR4
GraphicsNvidia GeForce GTX 1080 8GB GDDR5X
Display17.3” 4K (3840 x 2160) IGZO w/ G-Sync
StorageUp to 2TB (2 x 1TB) PCIe M.2 SSD in RAID 0
Networking- Killer E2400 Gigabit Ethernet- Killer Wireless AC 1535
Ports- USB 3.1 Type-C (Thunderbolt 3)- USB 3.0 x3- HDMI 2.0- SDXC Card Reader- Mic-In/Headphone-Out Combo Jack
Dimensions (L x W x H)11 x 16.7 x 0.88
Weight7.8 lbs.
Starting MSRP$3,699
Derek Forrest
Derek Forrest is a Contributing Writer for Tom's Hardware US. He writes hardware news and reviews gaming desktops and laptops.
  • PancakePuppy
    I dig the touchpad placement. I had an Everex Cloudbook (junk netbook) that placed a teensy tiny touchpad near the right monitor hinge and the left and right mouse buttons near the left hinge.
  • problematiq
    UGH! is this a Halloween joke? whats with that MSRP?
  • bak0n
  • sillynilly
    Plus it is fugly looking.
  • rakadedo
    "Instead of positioning it under the keyboard, as it is on virtually every laptop in the world, Razer stuck it off to the left."
    I think you meant off to the right?
  • Somasonic
    Is the placement so you can use it like a keyboard and mouse i.e. left hand on awsd and the right on the mouse? I've always hated touchpad placement for gaming on laptops, maybe this is better?
  • Uneventful
    Any word and the size and weight of the power brick for this monster?
  • Decends
    18755532 said:
    UGH! is this a Halloween joke? whats with that MSRP?

    Given what it comes with. The MSRP is about right. GTX 1080 Laptops are hilariously expensive. It squeezes in between a couple of MSI's GTX 1080 Laptops.
  • Decends
    Personally i like the idea of the touchpad where it is. I hate how most damn laptops have it in the middle under the keyboard. I Certainly am not going to place my desktop mouse under my keyboard for any use scenario so why would i do that on my laptop?
  • jasonelmore
    Way to expensive, Clevo's with the same exact hardware specs (minus aluminum unibody and fancy keyboard) are sold for $2 GRAND less..

    I like what razer is doing for mobile gaming, and the quality of the industrial design, but they are absolutely out of their #$#%##^& minds if they think they will sell more than 100 of these. there are only so many rich kids in this world who would even buy a razer over a alienware.

    Seriously $3600 for a thin gaming laptop. and im sure it will throttle because they've got 200w of hardware in there.